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  1. Good morning, Thanks for your message. We only do crossovers with PCGS graded notes so, unfortunately, we would not be able to do a crossover of the CGA grade. We would grade this note just as we would a raw note coming in and there would be no guarantee the grade would remain the same and could possibly even grade lower. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!
  2. Jennifer F.

    2009a $100 bill

    Good morning, thanks for your message. I'm afraid we couldn't tell you how rare something like that would be. You could check with a currency dealer to get an idea or for more information. If you are interested in submitting your note to us for grading, you can find out more information on our website here: Thank you!
  3. Good morning, Thanks for your message. You can ship your notes to us whatever method you prefer. When we ship the notes back to you, we would ship them registered mail through the USPS unless you have your own account through another carrier. Please note, however, that international shipments are not insured unless the customer purchases their own third party insurance for their packages. You can find more information about international shipping on our FAQ page under the shipping section: We do declare a value under $50 for most international submissions which usually prevents any issues with customs but we encourage customers to check the customs regulations of their country before submitting. Thanks!
  4. Good morning, thanks for your message. Was this a note that you recently had graded by PMG or did you purchase it already graded? It would depend on how severe the curve in the holder is before we could make any determination. If it is too severe, reholdering would probably be the only option to fix that completely. If you would like to email some pictures to our customer service department, we can take a look for you. You can send them to us at [email protected] Thank you!
  5. Good morning, Thank you for your message. The difference would be: 1a: dated 1.9.1906 and has light pinkish paper 1A: dated 1.8.1906 with light paper 1b: dates run 1906-1911, has dark red paper You can this information by referring to the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (Pick book). This is the main reference book we use for world banknotes. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!
  6. No, it is 0 NE not ONE so that would not count as Super. Thanks!
  7. Good morning, thanks for your message. This would be considered a Solid #1 but not a Super Solid. To qualify for Super Solid, the number in the prefix would also have to be a 1. Thanks!
  8. Hello, if you feel that any note has been mislabeled, you are welcome to send it back in for our graders to review and if there was an error, we would certainly correct that at no charge but we will have to review them before making any determination. Thanks!
  9. Hello, the star designation is given to notes with exceptional eye appeal. The particular variety of the note would not play into that determination. You can find more information about the star designation here: If you feel that any note was mislabeled, you are welcome to send it back for a review but our graders are very familiar with these notes and what to look for in determining light and dark varieties. Thank you!
  10. Hi, thanks for your message. Yes, some carriers will not ship to a PO Box and you will need our street address. We can provide that to anyone upon request. You can reach our customer service department at 877-764-5570 or by email at [email protected] Thank you!
  11. Hello, thanks for your message. They are two different varieties in the Pick book, which is the main resource book we use for World notes. You can check that resource for any other differences but yes, in this case, the main difference would be darkness of the ink on the note. Thanks!
  12. Yes, the number on the submission form. Thanks,
  13. Hello, your discounts and member credits will be applied when your order is received here in the office before you are charged for anything. You won't see it listed on the submission form but it will be deducted before any charges are made on your order. You can check the "ship with" box on your form and write the other invoice numbers on there and we will tag them to ship back together in our system and we will send them back together in one box. Thanks!
  14. Hi, thanks for your message. If you can advise what country you are referring to I can check with our research department for more information for you. Thanks,
  15. Good afternoon, Thanks for your message. Yes, we can grade a note with a pen mark like that but it would possibly effect the grade and may result in a notation on the label. Thanks!