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  1. Thank you! I really appreciate your kind words!
  2. Thank you. I will have our claims department start an investigation with the USPS. They will put a trace on it and see if they can locate it and get it moving. We can update you once we hear back from the USPS with more info. Thanks!
  3. Good morning, Please provide the submission number and I can check further for you. Thanks!
  4. Good morning, That is up to you. I don't really think there is any pressure building up in it so I don't think it will hurt the note any more than it already is if you leave it in the holder. We will have to regrade it regardless so it doesn't really matter to much in this case if it comes in the holder not. Thank you,
  5. Good morning, Due to the extent of the damage and the seal around the note being broken, the note would have to be regraded and could possibly grade lower. it would just depend on if the damage to the holder had any impact on the note. In order to send it in for a regrade, you would need to be a paid member of our Collector's Society or submit it through an authorized PMG dealer. You can find out more here: How to Submit | PMG ( Thank you!
  6. Good morning, I did verify this with our research department and they did confirm it was mislabeled. If the note is in your possession, you can send it back in for a label correction at no charge. Please send an email with the certification number and the error to our customer service department and they will email you back instructions and a shipping label to use to mail it back. You can reach us at: [email protected] Thanks!
  7. Good morning, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we can't really make any assessments from a picture. There can be some waviness on a brand new bill, however, we couldn't say if that is the situation here without examining it in person. If you can provide the certification number, I can check to see if there are any graders' comments regarding that waviness or anything related to that. Thanks,
  8. Good morning, Thanks for your message. We could not make any determinations about a note without examining it in person. You could try emailing in a picture but I don't know how well something like that would show up in a photo. We would most likely have to examine the note in hand before we could say if that was natural or if there was some issue. Thank you,
  9. Good morning, Thanks for your email. The reference book used for World notes is the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (commonly known as the Pick book). That is where you will see the different varieties. You can find out more about reference books we use here: Notes PMG Grades, Attributions & Reference Books | PMG ( If you would like to submit your note for grading, you can find out more on the process here: How to Submit | PMG ( Thank you!
  10. Yes, it can. It lost the EPQ designation because of the previously mounted comment but the grade can still be a regular 64 without the EPQ. Thanks!
  11. Good morning, Thanks for your message. The phrase, "previously mounted," is used with notes that have visible residue or damage from adhesive or mounting to another service (such as cardstock or a picture frame, etc.) Thanks!
  12. Good morning, Thanks for your message. If our graders feel that the note is undervalued by a significant amount, they may decide to bump the note up to the appropriate grading tier. If this occurs, we would email you and let you know of the adjustment and you would just have to pay the difference in the grading fees at that time. If you are unsure of the value or it could vary widely, we encourage you to start conservatively and that way we can always go up if needed, but we would not refund any grading fees if you overvalue the note. If you have any questions, please let u
  13. Good morning, Thanks for your message. These two Pick numbers are very close. The only difference would be the printer. Pick 17a* would be printer: BWC and Pick 11a* would be printer: TDLR. Thanks!
  14. Good afternoon, I checked with our research manager and he advised that it looks like Pick changed their numbering at some point. The current numbering is as follows: If you have something that was labeled under their old numbering system, we can reholder it for you and update the Pick information for a $5 charge. Thanks!
  15. Good afternoon, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we do not have these for sale. If you are just looking for plain currency sleeves, I'm sure you could find them online at various websites that have coin and currency supplies but we do not currently offer them. Thank you,