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  1. Good morning, We will have to update that on our end. You can email us your customer information and your new ANA expiration date and we can get that updated. You can reach us at: [email protected] Thanks!
  2. Good morning, Thanks for your message. Yes, if you are sending in a crossover and just a regular raw note for grading at the same time, you will need to complete two separate submission forms. You can mail them in together and even request they be shipped back together but they will need to be separate. Thanks!
  3. Good morning, The "s" refers to the specimen version of this note. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!
  4. Hello, once you are a paid member of our Collector's society, you can find forms online as listed above or we can mail you paper forms, if you prefer. Thanks!
  5. Good morning, Thanks for your message. If you can provide the submission number, I will be happy to check the status for you. Thanks!
  6. Good morning, Yes, if you are a member of our Collector's Society then you would be able to submit to any of our overseas offices as well as submitting to us here in the U.S. directly. If you are an ANA member, we do offer a free Associate level membership for active ANA members. You can find out more about that here: ANA Members: Get a Free PMG Membership | PMG ( Thanks!
  7. Good morning, According to the graders' comments, the repair is located on the back top center of the note. Thanks!
  8. Good morning, Thanks for your message. If you can provide the certification number from the label, we can see if the graders made any comments on where the repair was and that might provide some insight. Thanks!
  9. Good morning, Thanks for your message. The catalog number would vary depending on the type of note you are submitting. For U.S. notes it is the Friedberg number. This come from the book, Paper Money of the United States. If you are submitting World notes, then we are referring to the Pick number. This comes from the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Charter number only applies to National Banknotes. Pedigree is an optional service, if you wanted something like the name of your personal collection listed on the label. If you have additional questions, feel free to
  10. Good afternoon, Your membership credits are linked to your internal account and would be applied towards your submission regardless of whether you sent that in to us directly or submitted it through one of our overseas offices. The credit would be deducted before you are charged for anything. Thanks!
  11. Hello, Thanks for your message. I'll try to answer your questions here as best I can but it might benefit you to call our customer service department and speak with a rep directly. You can reach us Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm at 877-764-5570. 1. You would need to complete separate forms for different grading tiers, if you have U.S. and World notes, or if you have Fancy serial numbers. 2. You will need to list all notes on the submission form. If you have multiples of the same note, you can put them all on one line and just enter the correct quantity. 3. The 15th anniversary
  12. Good morning, Thank you for your message. I had our research manager review these and he has made the updates to include these cts and sp. You won't see that updated, however, until the next Population Report update. These are updated once a week so you should see it in there by the end of next week. Thanks!
  13. Good morning, Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, not all note types are listed on our Population Report. We would not be able to provide information on how many were graded for those particular notes not on the Pop Report. Thank you,
  14. Good morning, Thanks for your message. PMG is a grading company. We do not buy, sell or value notes so we cannot advise you on the value of your currency. If you would like information on how to submit notes to us for grading, you can find more on our website here: Thank you!
  15. Good morning, Thanks for your message. I ran this by our Research manager and he advised that the most recent information they have regarding replacement notes from Zimbabwe is: As far as the expected Pick number, 101 is definitely plausible but we do not know for sure at this time. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!