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  1. Very clearly folded from the reverse view.
  2. I am primarily a coin collector, but just added some currency? I have four gold certificates: http://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/NoteDetail.aspx?CollectibleID=2778101&ReturnPage=Member_Dashboard http://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/NoteDetail.aspx?CollectibleID=2778104&ReturnPage=Member_Dashboard A 1922 $10 certified by PCGS; and an uncertified 1928 $28. Can we enter PCGS currency here, similar to the coin registry, or is it strictly PMG?
  3. I personally like the high grade Technicolor $20.
  4. I sort of agree with wheat'swheats but it's your choice. If you plan on selling it then it's probably worth the grading time and fees. If you're going to keep it then by all means on your label be sure to mention the tear. Good luck and if you send it for grading please let us know how it comes out. Curious why you tell him to "by all means on your label be sure to mention the tear" if he keeps it? Why, so he can be reminded of the flaw every time he wants to enjoy his note? If he was selling it, then I could understand your advice. It's his bill, and if he's keeping it, he knows it has a slight tear.
  5. That exceeds my price range, but beautiful note. Maybe I can consider playing in the deep end once the kids are done with college and graduate school. Ha!
  6. Wow! If I seriously collected currency, this note would be on the top of my list. What does something like this run? I'm guessing $10k, but I have no clue?