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  1. Can we see the back and just a little smaller please. The paper and the red ink just does not look right
  2. Nationals, educational series and notes of that era ,and not quite US but Confederate. You can break the nationals into several groups. Large size, Small size, all states, specific states just your state. There is also a large following in the broken Bank notes, which can be broken down much like nationals.
  3. Looks washed out would have left it alone, and would have been perfectly happy with it as it was.
  4. I can't access the photos, however I do know that bleach will cause the green on a bill to turn yellow, it could be possible they have been through the cleaners and that damaged the bills.
  5. Just a different printing of a different series
  6. I think the ONE in us paper would be the $1000 Grand Watermelon which was a circulating note. As opposed to the $100,000 gold note which was used for bank to bank transactions.
  7. The ones that are signed on back are most of the time by the person who issued the note, but there are many reasons that a note may have been signed
  8. Common as pig tracks. In that condition about $20
  9. Just like a coin, somebody crossed it or regarded it and advised the TPG of that fact and they removed the note from their list