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  1. I'll try to add some more.
  2. Yeah, I had a time getting it. But then having it graded was great too with all those high grades. Thanks for your comment(s) CaptB
  3. Don't know how to fix this. Can't find any delete thing. sorry
  4. Well, January is my most likely show, although for the last four years, I haven't been able to attend due to circumstances beyond my control. Stay in touch and I will try to post some pictures. Capt. Brian
  5. DOLLARS TO DONUTS I have been collecting coins for about 62 years. Six years ago I began looking at currency as many coin dealers had both coins and currencies. I first became interested in currency when I inspected (for the first real-time) the reverse of the $2 bill. The closer I inspected it, the more amazed I became in the ‘art’ of engraving. All those people on the reverse of the $2 gave amazement to me that someone poured over an engraving plate with a jeweler’s loop and turned out a work of art rivaling any of the oil, watercolor and canvas artists. In fact, after going to myriad art shows and auctions, I believe the ‘two’ could be one of the greatest works of man. Then I look at some of the tapestries, Sistine Chapel in Rome and I am also amazed at the talent involved there. So, being that coins have been my ‘thing’ for so many years, and I don’t like having a van follow me to shows, I decided to stick with coins and add a few currency items to broaden my horizons. I am a member of several coin, currency and collectible clubs and am not a real good member, because I don’t attend the meetings and activities as a good member should, but I started while earning a living and now that I’m retired, I am loathe to change my ways. BUT…, I do intend to continue my knowledge base and will, when possible share certain gems with you as I have time and deem them interesting. Soooo…. To start this journal: I began my currency experience at the FUN Show in Orlando about 6 years ago, when my table mate had a client come up and had a fistful of CGA notes. He wanted my mate to see if any were worth crossing over to PCGS. Well, he had quite a collection and at the show, PCGS would have them back the next day and so we did it. At that time, it was about $20 to cross one note and like I said, he had a lot of them. Neither he nor my mate had the cash on hand, so I handed over a stack of $100’s,(more than I like to think) and the next morning they were on our table, and a few hours later, the table was besieged by collectors and by the time we went home that Sunday, the table was cleaned out of currency while my coins held a distant 2nd. My table was the 2nd most successful table at the show, all the others were tied for 1st. So, before we closed out the show, the client, my mate and I agreed to meet about a week later and see what the client had to sell. To make a long story short, I bought 89 pieces (all in CGA label) [knowing at that time, the CGA label were stinkers), I carefully looked through them and was enthralled with the fancy serial #’s and in fact, for the most part, what appeared to be desirable and collectible. (evan though they were mostly modern items.) I had these notes for a time, and nothing moved as all were concerned about the CGA label. So, with that being said, I deemed it necessary, if I were to get any ‘action’ on my inventory, I needed to cross to PMG or PCGS. For no good reason, I leaned towards NGC for my coins, and that led me to PMG for currency. That led me to my first real study of currency because being that it costs around $20 to grade one, [plus expenses such as mail, insurance and other charges which allows the Post Office and NGC to have such beautiful buildings]. I then went to the books and references to ascertain which were worth grading, and which were better off holding in CGA. Of the 89 items, 60 odd were worth cross grading and so I did. As expected, the CGA items dropped 1 or two grades, (never 3 or more) so I did pretty good. I am reticent at putting these up for sale, and I have great fun showing these at various venues for coin and currency clubs and shows. What I am going to do with these will be the subject of my next journal. But for now, I hope you enjoyed this one. Capt. Brian
  6. Well, I got them all graded and am quite happy. Average uncirculated grades from 63 to 66. I'm happy with that. All notes only went down 1 or two grades. That's not bad. ( as I figured) Some of the 86 note hoard (about 11 or so notes) were not worth grading and are still in CGA holders. I don't have that much invested in those but I still wonder why the fellow even had them graded. Oh well, I'm happy that my first foray into paper money seems to be okay, money wise, and I'm very happy to have the notes.
  7. New Note Notifications for the Novice Well I have just entered the exciting world of collecting notes, currency, or paper money as it is called in the trade. I recently purchased 89 notes graded by CGA the olde, and as we all know that holder is not from the promised land, but a grader which fell into the lower regions for various reasons. I got two books on paper money; my favorite so far is the Whitman Encyclopedia of U.S. Paper Money. My send favorite is Paper Money of the United States by Friedberg. There is a third one which I use at shows for quick ID'ing and evaluations. Unfortunately, like Morgan Silver Dollars, there are so durn many varities of monies that it is a challenge every day trying to figure the value of odd notes. This first foray into paper money began with a small collection purchased from a fellow who was changing horses mid-stream so I relieved him of the 89 pieces. There were 65 of the 89 worth re-grading and I just got back the main stash information today, and will receive them physically in the mail in a day or two. I will then upload pictures and complete phase two of this journal with as many pictures as I can raise up. The excitement here is in the fact these notes are of special interest due to special serial numbers, star notes, signed notes and so on and so forth. Four sets of them, 12 each, are one from each district with exactly the same serial numbers. One set is particularly captivating in that not only are the serial numbers all the same, but one from each district, and the serial numbers are 00001111. Some computer geek will slobber all over the album just ogling it. Two more of the sets also have neato serial numbers, and one from each district and the fourth set, my favorite, is one which has one from each district, and the serial number 00000039 plus they are star notes, all of them, and the fact they are signed by the mint director also. The others which I shall talk about later are all fun, and some more beguiling than others. Well, happy searching hope you find a treasure soon. The picture is pre-PMG grading, I will change it later. Capt. Brian To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  8. HELP! HELP!! HELP!!! Hello fellow collectors. I JUST got my first real set of paper money. In fact, I got a few sets. BUT, they are all in CGA holders, and before I go and send them all into PMG for re-holdering and grading, (for which I may need to go back to work to pay for) I need to know how to get the bid and ask for these new adoptees of mine. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance. Capt. Brian To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  9. Just got a stack How do I price graded currency, various graders mostly CGA? Any help please. Capt. Brian To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.