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  1. Thanks a lot. More to come. Having a devil of a time uploading pictures. Wrong size. I'll fig it out.. Thanks again..
  2. Hello, Common question I bet. There are a couple of ways.... (few) and some quite stale, but still a good chance to give you an idea. First go to a book in which you can find the Fr# or Catalog number, e.g. Whitman Ecyclopedia of U.S. Paper Money and find your note in there and the Identifier. When in the book, it has approximate prices and of course with the fluid market, the newer the book the better. But I can't afford new books every printing so I use an old one and apply the current market strength or weakness in currencies such as I am interested in. Another way is (my favorite) is be a member of Heritage Auctions, and Stacks & Bower. They have great websites and on line auctions where you can learn to dial in your item, and sometimes get a current price of an item like or close to yours. The last place I go is EBay. Remember, Ebay has a 13% markup if you use paypal so be wary of the asking prices. I would take off 13%, and then a little more because usually you can bargain down a little. Note FR# on 2nd line of label description. Lastly, come to this forum and ask anyone for a particular item. Or list it for sale for a price you would accept. I hope that helps. Capt. Brian
  3. Hello, great journal. Another perspective is always dessert for me. I had several PCGS graded notes, and took a good look at them. Some were not worth re-grading, and those that had some value, I sent the whole pack to PMG and when they came back, I was net improved. I always have a hard time with collectors of both coins and currency and the argument of which is better. I say, its like two gunfighters, last man standing is better. But seriously, I always trusted PCGS currency as I do with coins, but I don't feel PCGS is/was superior in either venue. I have many coins and currency in both holders, and will continue to purchase as I deem valuable to my collections. Capt. Brian
  4. There, there's a better picture...
  5. Hello collectors... (unless you work for the IRS) I have been watching for more district sets and the ones I come across, even at the big auction houses like HA and S & B, are just one similar note from each district, with no great serial numbers or anything really connecting them except they are 'one from each district' I buy a set of district notes with fancy serial #'s, then wait to meet one of the government agents who works in some capacity with the Treasury department. Then I ask them to sign each note, THEN I have them graded. I love doing that. I currently have a neato set of 2003 $2 notes, with the serial #'s 00000082* (with a star). And the package they came in from the mint. I heard of a dealer who saw the set with ser. # 00000001, but it went into a collection and hasn't been seen since. Hate to think what that is worth. I also have a graded set signed by a Treasury personage you all know, Marin... This is also a $2 district set with a double digit serial # 00000039* I have not gone to the Mint or Bureau of printing because I like to 'run across' these sets in my travels to many coin and currency venues. I do know of another set, but the fellow wants way too much. I then go to the PMG population reports and put a note on each one to see if I have any one of a kind, or pops at least under 10. I find, that most people buy these sets and never have them graded, or touchy feely them for a while before grading, they they come back basically a very low grade. I have seen some of these notes come back with a 25. That HAD to be messed with by someone who doesn't know how to handle (or NOT HANDLE) currency. We are just not able to see well enough with our eyes; we MUST touch something. Anyway, don't do that. Just wanted to note; the populations of these are quite small making this set 'rare'. Now if you just simply go to the pop reports for the correct notes, find the one of the set which has the lowest population and that # is the # of sets that can have a 'top pop' or 'finest known' designation. Now the collector's society nor PMG nor the mint nor anyone else designates any particular set as 'finest known' but the population of the notes in the set DOES define that "slot". If you check the populations for this set, you will see, it is a 'FINEST KNOWN". Now that and 10C..... you know what I mean, but it's fun to have so many top pops in one set. I have a double district set which will be the focus of a future journal. Wait for it. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the prattle. Capt. Brian
  6. I bet it does. Gonna try in ASAP THANX in advance
  7. HMMM, more walls to kick down. Seems all my old pictures are too large for PMG's upload machine. May have to get a rocket scientist in here to get a picture up. Check later.Nope, appears my files aren't compatible. I'll try another way.
  8. I have another set of 5 notes, graded and signed buy Withrow. kind of neato.. Looking for pictures on my computer as they are in the vault at safe storage and can't go there to get them today. If you want pictures of them, I will go to the facility and take pictures. Picture below is just a fancy serial #, Nothing great. Capt.B
  9. CaptBrian

    Shipwreck coins!

    Reminds me of Washington crossing the Delaware R. GREAT note! I had a bunch of these in various conditions and sold them all over the years. Have only two left...
  10. more pictures, hope I can add in more than that. WOW got it done! good thing I had some in storage on PMG. These are all now in PMG holders and no more than 2 grades down. Anyway, you get the idea. They came in the mint books, were graded by a friend of mine. I bought them and had them all regraded in PMG.
  11. I have been lax keeping up my registry and comments therein. Just too busy being retired, traveling and going to shows all over the country. I have also been having trouble with the registry and posting pictures and so on and so forth. I will endeavor to persevere. LOL. Now as far as getting these 'together', that was the problem. You see, for a number of years, the mint (paper money mints) were also offering items for sale to dealers and the public. They put together a special printing of notes and put them in a book. People bought them, and most ended up in drawers, closets and so on. A few were sent in for grading, a few sets were broken up and sold, spent by unbelievers and so forth. A few were saved in great condition. See, the problem, is we are a touchy-feely sort of species and looking isn't enough. We have to touch things. [to see if it's real?] As soon as you begin touching notes they deteriorate quickly and the grade drops to circulated, which for new notes (recent issues like small size FRN's) no one wants a 'used' note. So again, the possible populations drop. So many never made it to grading early on. Those sets which did get to grading made the base of the populations like coins and such. In the instance of the 2003 $2* district sets, there were 2000 of them, but I know (due to pop [population] reports) few went to grading and those that did, few made it into the market place. I have had watch lists at many big auction houses like HA and S & B, and the feedback I get are uninteresting series notes, maybe a full district set of all 12 notes, but high serial #'s and not graded or not worthy of the bragging rights. Now, the few sets I have ARE worth mention and highly collectible as their populations and conditions are just about impossible to match and full of one of a kind and finest known notes. I will try to include a picture of one of these books. I have had one set of 2's signed by a Treasurer, and have another raw set waiting for me to 'run into' another treasury official who is well known enough to sign my notes. Here, goes, gonna try to add some pictures. If I fail, give me your email and I'll send them direct. AHA! looks like I got the book. Now let's look inside if I can... Here we go, after one picture, I'm only allowed 4.?? MB so I will add more. Odd, the other one has one picture 3 times. Go figger. Capt. Brian enjoy
  12. I'll try to add some more.
  13. Yeah, I had a time getting it. But then having it graded was great too with all those high grades. Thanks for your comment(s) CaptB
  14. Don't know how to fix this. Can't find any delete thing. sorry