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  1. Wow, great set! I love this bank/charter because it went through four titles (I believe; First National Bank of Los Angeles, then Los Angeles First, then First National Trust and Savings Bank of Los Angeles and finally Security First National Bank of Los Angeles). I have a $20 with the FNB of LA title and a $10 with the LA FNB title that have the same treasury signatures (and the same bank president signatures; different cashier signatures). There are so many different Friedberg #/type/denomination/signature combo/charter period, etc. examples on this charter as it was in business for over 50 years and spanned all four charter periods. Definitely the most prolific So Cal bank from the National Bank era. I would love to have a First Charter note from this bank but they are beyond my budget. Your $50 and $100 are especially impressive; beautiful shape. It's funny how you're having trouble finding the lowest denomination; I have both types of the very common Bank of America Charter #13044 1929 brown seals from $5 to $20 and even a type 1 $100 in high grade uncirculated EXCEPT for the type 2 $5; I just haven't come across one yet. My type 2 $5 from this charter is a 35 EPQ... It was easier to find my PMG 64 $100 than a high grade type 2 $5, and this is from the most common charter (or one of them) in existence.
  2. Wow, that is an amazing note!
  3. I use the Leuchtturn albums as well; the Leuchtturn Grande albums and Grande 2 C pages work perfectly for PMG and PCGS graded currency.
  4. Scary Bear

    New Note for Collection

    By the way, check this one out; I got this cheap in a CGA 62 holder, cut it out and sent it to PMG... You just never know. I figured it would go the other way...
  5. Scary Bear

    New Note for Collection

    Wow, those are amazing! I mainly stick to California nationals (mostly southern California) and scrip/obsoletes (you can see much of my PMG graded collection in my registry sets). I generally go for rarity over quality, all though I try for both (if I could afford it). I like to collect notes from cities and towns I am familiar with, or have lived in. I am kind of a local history buff, and have lived in So Cal all of my life; I find it fascinating to find notes with local connections. If money was no object, I would expand to national notes from every state, probably with a focus on the west. I have a couple of pen signed notes, but most are rubber stamped. That Duquesne NB $20 VB is absolutely STUNNING!!! In my opinion, the 1882 $20s are among the most beautiful ever created. I am always amazed that they survived in such a grade. I have a Los Angles example in a lowly VF20. I have never paid much attention to signatures, but I will going forward.
  6. Scary Bear

    New Note for Collection

    All I can say is WOW, what a beauty! I agree; fancy serial numbers are cool, but in my unprofessional opinion are not worth much of a premium, especially on such a rarity. This note would be amazing with any serial number. I also agree with Sheck_Shiek 100%. I guess since I mostly purchase obviously circulated Nationals and scrip, I have so far lucked out, but I would never buy an ungraded allegedly uncirculated note from Ebay. I don't even feel comfortable selling raw notes myself. Just about everything I sell is graded, and anything that isn't is inexpensive and I try to under represent its condition. I have a lot of net/apparent grade notes, but most are rather unusual and there aren't a whole lot of alternatives available.