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  1. These were propaganda notes printed by the US. You can find more information on them at http://www.psywarrior.com/Vietnambanknote.html
  2. Usually, the difference between a 66 - 67 - 68 - 69 and 70 grade is centering. Notes without frames like this one would be difficult to discern centering. It is one of the faults of trying to adapt a system used to grade US paper money to the world market.
  3. Although it is more than 20 years old, the information in the book is more important than the pricing in it.
  4. World War II Remembered by Fred Schwan and Joe Boling.
  5. He is on more than one note from Yugoslavia. Can you be more specific.
  6. Large quantities of North Korean notes entered the markets through Chinese sources. One theory is that the North Korean government has been selling them to obtain hard currency.
  7. It means the note was damaged by being in a hold that contained PVC. PVC is bad for notes. It will leach into the paper and turn ink into gum.
  8. On the world side, any note from the Arabian National Bank of the Hejaz.
  9. This also underscores one of the significant differences in philosophy between PMG and PCGS. PMG net grades for defects such as graffiti, foreign substances, etc. which means they reduce the overall numerical grade to account for these. PCGS does not lower the numerical grade but notes them as apparent. Here is the hypothetical. The last two notes in a fresh pack. The higher number has a foreign substance and the other doesn't because the higher number is on the outside and picked up glue or whatever from being set down. But the paper for both is otherwise a 66. PMG will grade the one without the substance as 66 EPQ and the other as Net 64 (or whatever their standard determines the downgrade should be) without PPQ. PCGS would grade one 66 PPQ and the other Apparent 66 with no PPQ. Neither of these is wrong and both philosophies have their merits . It is simply the application of each company's standards. PCGS refers to PMG's method as market grading; that is, giving a lower number because the one with the defect should bring less money. But PCGS method has led to some otherwise absurd grades such as a note with one quarter of it missing being graded in the high 60s because they only grade the paper that is there.
  10. It sounds like your real beef is not with PMG's foreign substance standards but with the fact that the note was altered after it was out of your possession. Are you suggesting that the TPGs should ignore foreign matter altogether?
  11. Next time just post scans or pictures.
  12. Exactly what the hobby needs -- looser standards.
  13. These were issued in Greece by the German army. They are listed under Greece in the Pick catalog. They should have the two handstamps you identify. A word of caution, however. The notes with the Greek handstamps were considered scarce and brought much more money than those without. Examples with faked handstamps have entered the marketplace.
  14. Cant speak to the numerical grade itself but it is also missing the PQ. It looks like the lower left margin of the face - lower right of the back has been trimmed.