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    Over the last three months the BEP has added the new 2017A Series of One Dollars notes for the Western or Fort Worth and the Washington DC location. The Collectors Society is also working at this time to updating the Friedberg Numbers for all the existing 2017 and new 2017A series of notes. The first to be corrected were the new 2017A Hundred Dollars notes starting with Fr #2189 and Fr #2190. The next were the new One Dollar notes 2017A series Fr #3005 for the Fort Worth location and Fr #3006 for the Washington DC location, this cover all the district location. At this time BEP is listing all the Ones, Twos, Fives, Tens, Twenty's, Fifty's and Hundred Dollars notes for 2017 and 2017A series of notes. Also at this time no new update from USPAPERMONEY.COM the last was on 01/23/20.
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    Big (Dirty) Money Goes Around The World

    I hear ya. I do. My 4 year old had trouble understanding recently that my laptop - which was bought 3 months after his birth - did not have a touchscreen like his tablet and you have to use the keyboard and mouse. I am soon to be 34 years old and I have received my paycheck as a physical check precisely 1 time in the ~16 years of my working life. When I was on unemployment they mailed me a pre-paid debit card and they just loaded my benefits onto the card every 2 weeks.
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    New 2020 $10 notes for Zimbabwe

    Over the weekend I just started seeing these pop up for sale in eBay auctions and new sales / offerings popping up that offer these as part of a 3 note set with the 2 2019 issues, so I'm guessing these are freshly released and they're just now making it out to the dealers. So I guess I might get to see all the designs that were supposed to be released as part of the bond note series afterall. I was really expecting them to tack an extra 0 onto these if they released them and have $100 and $200 notes instead of $10 (and maybe, later, $20) notes. Even with the official exchange rate the government is trying to peg these at (25:1 with the US dollar) these new notes are worth less than half a US dollar - not much. If you use some of the exchange rates people have been using, these are worth less than a US nickel. They are pretty though, and in some ways this feels like another attempt to make a call back to the 1st dollar series. The Original $10 notes, the P-3, issued starting in 1980, was primarily red, like these notes. On another note, I got a P-99 $2 bond note - an actual 2016 Bond note and not a new 2019 banknote - last week. Last night I won an auction for a P-100 $5 bond note, so, once that comes in I'll have both the bond notes for real this time, and both the 2019 issues, and I'll just need to get this new 2020 note (and anything else they come up with this year, like a $20 note if they release it) to stay current on the new issues. Other than trying to keep up with the new issues and the new developments I'm still emphasizing going back and building up my 1st dollar set with new varieties as I can get them.
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    Fenntucky Mike

    need help of rarity and price wise

    I'm not very familiar with Japanese notes but it does not appear to be rare ungraded, similar notes are available for $7 -$15 on ebay. The PMG price guide seems to be in the ballpark on this one. It does list 1944 as the common date for that base Pick # (56) but if you scroll down to your notes exact Pick # (56c) you will see that it has a notation on the Kiri leaf Watermark being a 1945 issue. It would seem that the $35 dollar evaluation of a note graded 60 is probably pretty close. A population of 1 in the PMG report is not necessarily an indication of rarity. Not sure who/what the Lin Zhan Wei Collection is or if the additional information below the provenance will add a premium or value to the note. If you do some further research into that information you may find that the note is worth more. Hopefully I'm wrong and in further researching your note you find something unique about it. Good Luck to you.
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    With gold continuing its ascent towards $1,800 I had pumped the breaks on any new gold purchases about six months ago, and came to a dead stop in late March. Having just sent in, what will likely be my last submission of gold coins for awhile I was thinking I should take this opportunity to focus more on my banknote collection/collecting goals. Now appears to be an opportune time for me, with an influx of modern Ukrainian banknotes (my current focus) hitting the market at relatively low prices, or at least at what I would consider a low cost for already graded notes ($30-$40). I'm also going to take this moment to go through my raw notes and purchase a few more, then put together my first submission to PMG, which I have been putting off due to my inexperience in judging the quality of a banknote. I think I've read, studied and observed enough graded notes to feel somewhat confident in my own grading skills. I should have a submission of around 12 notes ready to go by August, we'll see. Need to start working on some descriptions for the notes I already have, but that seams more like a winter endeavor. PMG World banknotes in high grades just seem to be plentiful right now and at reasonable prices, especially when compared to gold, or even a graded world silver bullion coin from one of the many popular series. As I approach the mid way point of my Ukrainian sets I start to wonder what's next? I have a couple of Zimbabwe notes and I'll probably stay current on the new series that is currently being released (I have the $2 & $5 notes) and I really like the first series of Zimbabwe notes, P1 -12. As another member has already written, the first series notes have recently been readily available and in high grades. I've been keeping my eye on the first series notes but just haven't been able to pull the trigger on them, mainly because Ukrainian notes have been popping up like deer in my garden. I'm really looking for a country, state, province, etc. whose complete set of notes comprises 50 Pick #'s or less. I was considering Transnistria after a short article I read in Coin World about their latest commemorative note and was also considering Moldova, both of which lie in the former eastern bloc and border Ukraine. I think I'll just pickpocket a Zimbabwe note here or there (the new $10 & $20) while I'm trying to make up my mind over the next few months. Suggestions welcome. Some of my latest acquisitions.