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    It's now the end of March, one of the wackiest months in my life and probably yours and perhaps in history of the modern world. Plagues have been with us since the beginning and I suppose this isn't gonna be the last one unless we all go down with it. But, not here to discuss our future, but the present. Seems as though everything except the graders have gone home, and I bet their number of coins and paper money has dropped quite a bit as only electronic trading is happening. All the venues I go to are shut down for the foreseeable future, and my website hasn't had a hit in 2 weeks. I thought maybe with folks stuck inside, perhaps more would be looking at the site, www.exonumiaandmore.com but no such luck. I'm working with a company who puts up sites, so I cannot edit it until they finish with their legal beagles and so on and so forth. So,I thought I'd talk about what I am doing to keep me off the streets looking for paper money blowing in the wind. A while back, I bought a stash of uncertified notes, mostly $2 modern FRN's If you care to go to my site, you can see a few, and also I put a few on eBay and will add more when Tomorrow comes. I put so many up, I ran out of free postings, so I have to wait til tomorrow. See captbrian2. Is it illegal here to putup my locations of info. Hope not. Anyway, these $2's are of many sorts. Fancy serial #'s, error notes, and so on. One of them, I especially like (the blue book shows it at $700+-, and it is with 3 other notes. What happens is, the third printing, (the serial # & seal) are submitting to gravity, then fighting it. The 1st note is where it should be (the serial #) then the 2nd note has it dropping down a bit. and the 4th, it begins to defy gravity and starts self correcting back up to where it belongs. I have never seen a set like this, and I have talked with others who have seen similar, but it is quite rare from what I can get from the paper money community. Anyway, I will try to post the pictures. I always have incredible trouble posting pictures on these journals, but I'll give 'er a spin. No luck with picture. I'm gonna publish this then try to add in pictures.
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    We look forward to your requests for the PMG Registry! Please post any requests here. PMG certification numbers are always helpful!
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    Where has all the action gone, gone to flowers everyone.

    The 2nd series of designs for the Zimbabwe 1st dollar, issued in the mid-1990s, used an image of some flowers that I think are supposed to be Flame Lilies - the national flower of the country.
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    There are 5 large and 15 smalls reported from Sulphur Springs (Bad Air), this is the only SN Uno. There are 21 large and 20 small reported from your Beautiful Air bank. I tried to find out why the town was named Sulphur Springs but nothing much, less why it's not spelled the American way. The town was named Bright Star when it was along the Pony Express. Why they changed it is not clear from Wikipedia. It's not near the oil cities of east Texas where one would expect the pungent smell of sulfur and the biggest employers are the ISD and Walmart (no surprise). Just the type of note I love. Thanks for posting your floral slant on the world. PS I love those BEP issued souvenir cards of the Fr-1179. I wonder how many were printed?
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    I grabbed the very last note of the Pogue auction. I always wanted a SN 1 and from my home State to boot!
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    Adding to my collection

    What set are you working on? Did you see an error message, like note not valid for slot? If you want to create you own, non-competitive set, create a signature set. Go to control panel, scoll to the bottom. Click on create new set, then select the green tab "Create a Signature Set" On next page fill in just the fields with a red star. Signature sets let you enter any PMG certified note.
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    Very nice sub-type set. I enjoyed reading and looking at your gallery. Keep up the great collecting work.