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    Dollars to Donuts

    I bet it does. Gonna try in ASAP THANX in advance
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    Steve in Tampa

    Post your latest addition!

    Courtesy autographed notes are some of my favorites, so when PMG announced a Cabral autographed holder, I had an idea of getting my Cabral autographed note into a Cabral autographed holder. Somehow, I pulled it off.
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    Shipwreck coins!

    Starting a small collection to pass the time.
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    Sheik Sheck

    Dollars to Donuts

    Very nice! Great story. I am not a big serial number fan but I like your tale. How in the world did someone accumulate 00001111 from such a variety of Feds? I posted a crossover some time ago. A CGA 64 $5 North Africa Emergency turned into a PMG 45. I never sent another in since. I still have a dozen or so CGA's kept as oddities. I too was a coin collector and the first time I held a large $10 Hillegas gold certificate in my hand, I was addicted. I never even knew notes had been so large in our past and was astounded that large notes like that could survive unfolded. I always believed part of my transition to currency from coins was due in part to vision! My vision got worse so tiny coins became blurs and big notes seemed more attractive.
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    Dollars to Donuts

    Well, January is my most likely show, although for the last four years, I haven't been able to attend due to circumstances beyond my control. Stay in touch and I will try to post some pictures. Capt. Brian