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    More fun at the FUN Show Orlando

    Jan 14, 2020 JUST back from the FUN show in Orlando. Put in another set just finished(for grading by PMG). Hope to get it back quick, but I bet they're backed up 2 months minimum, so I'll just go on a coupla cruises and check the mail when I get back. serial #'s 00000082*, not quite as low as my 00000039*, but hoping for good grading. One of them has a terrible margin cut, almost no margin, so thats gonna be a 62 or three. As long as they all come back UNC, I'll be happy. Anyway, I'll upload pictures when I get them back. My table had an excellent location as it was in the front row, all the way to the left as you enter, and directly across from the NGC & PMG tables lining the east wall. So everyone had to go past me to get to them. We were swamped. People were actually running in the front door, and to NGC and PMG for grading. After the crowds dissapated, and I was able to kabitz with them, I got a lot of great info regarding grading and NGC's services. They're great people. One of my adventures, was, I finished getting together another district set like my 2003 $2 District set #00000039*, but with a little higher serial #, 00000082*. Now my other district set, --39*, has Marin's signature making a nice courtesy autograph pedigree, so I was thinking, what the heck, maybe one of the treasurer's or secretary to the treasurer, might be there and sign these notes, and that would be neato. Imagine, havin' 2 sets of 2's signed by the treasurer of the USA. Anyway, I went to the huge Treasury's booth, and asked who may be in attendance and none of the notables would be coming. Too bad, collectors LOVE to have the current treasurer sign their notes. Anyway, I never give up easy. I asked, "Could I leave them with you and you get them signed and then mail them back, and I'd pay any expenses. NO WAY!! LOL, they just don't do that. So, I was talking to four people there, one in regular clothes, one sheriff (A treasury agent officer in uniform) a suit(one of the big deals with the treasury but he downplayed his position), and a lady. As we joked around, (I was trying to loosen them up so I could get them to jump through my hoop) but to no avail. BUT... Not going to give up easy, I asked is there any luminary there which would be important. To which they said no. Most of this conversation was talking to the fellow in regular clothing and near the end of my saga, I asked who he was and he said, "I only designed the package the notes came in." Now that restoked my fires for fame and fortune and I asked if he would sign the notes, and I would see if PMG would grade them with a "courtesy autograpy' note on the holder. NOT SO FAST!!! So I went to PMG and asked if they would do it. 1st, everyone I asked said no, then at the last, the fellow in charge of the 'get your money graded' table said, I need to get authorization from PMG management. He said he'd email and ask, so I went off to call them. NOT SO FAST, by now, Thursday afternoon, they were closed. So... I waited until the next day, and called in, put on hold and never did really get an answer, got disconnected. Being the PMG manager said he'd email home base, I figured he'd get the answer first. SO..... Later that day, he flags me down and says YES, we can do it BUT, he has to come over here and we have to witness that. "GREAT!", I yell out. So, I race over to the Treasury booth, and spout the big news!! "I won, I won", says I. At that same instant the suit woman says, holding a little book, "We can't do it." "It would be defacing government property". And she hands me the book, and with a the greatest face of dismay, I lost the war. Won the battle, lost the war. BUT..., I did get Brian Brown, the designer of the package the notes came in from the mint to sign inside the book for me. I bet I'm the only one who has that in the 2000 packages made by the mint. Neato huh. Well, lost the war, but 'got a medal', doncha think? So, I put them in for grading, and when I get them back, I'm gonna see if PMG will allow some points for the book signing. (never give up) My web site has great pictures, and as soon as I get them back from PMG, I'll post them. www.exonumiaandmore.com Happy collecting, and NEVER GIVE UP!!! The pot of gold at the end IS there! Capt. B
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    Sheik Sheck

    Same bank Prez at different banks

    Happy New Year! I stumbled upon Lawrence and his exquisite signature he was not only representing the bank I collect (Ch#252), but also apparently lived in the neighboring state. I assume bank presidents were equally mobile in the early 20th century, looking for the best job. Looks like he lived in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
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    Sheik Sheck

    Same bank Prez at different banks

    That is a fantastic set! Thanks for posting the link. I enjoy looking at other collectors nationals. Did you acquire just by visual inspection of the notes to see the 'v.' or 'vice'? Did you do prior research using a database? I would be curious how you were able to spot the notes. Also, I noticed you have a couple of serial number 1 notes. Very nice Catawissa note. I saw a few SN #1's at FUN but didn't pull the trigger. On another note, I noticed that Ch #252 had only C.C. Taylor as the cashier, also with a prominent signature but there was a series of notes that his signature was clearly not the same as other stamped or engraved versions. The attached file shows the commonly seen C.C. on the bottom photo and the mystery C.C. on the note with the regional 'E'. Another mystery!
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    Ali E.

    A P-44a...

    Hello, Revenant. You requested your note with Pick# 44 to be added on Christmas Day. It was approved by an administrator and accepted into your set a few days later. Thank you and let us know when we may assist with the PMG Registry in the future.