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    Cee Note


    Thanks!! kev it seems there very picky ! i bought a 70* more pricy than a 70!! so its true!! glad you responded my 70* was $650 he wanted $950!!! i felt lucky!!!as a small timer of 100 notes i see 70 and seek them as you said???yes there very real and pricy$$ but sounds like when you buy perfect mint it should come back from PMG as perfect 70!!!! true!!!thats weird!!!
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    Sheik Sheck

    Ch #6301

    D. Dr. You're eye is far superior to mine. I would have never noticed the serial number type set you discovered. However, I did read the completely new news for me, from the article that before star notes, the replacement notes could be detected in the serial number. However, the article was not clear on exactly how to identify a replacement note before stars. Are you saying my $10 red seal is a replacement note because of the crooked treasury serial number? I recently sent this in for grading and just sent it back because I am sure 40 EPQ is not correct. This note was clearly uncirculated. Any help from your fountain of knowledge would be much appreciated. Yes, I am hooked on 6301, 252 and 2941. Common charters but easy to find notes to complete collections (or should I say...easier). Thanks, Sheik PS I added the reverse of the $20 PB because it was given the "good embossing" comment. Purchased ungraded for $336
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    I sent in a packet of 100 2013 $2 bills still in the shrink wrap from the mint. When they came back graded, I got several 67 and only one 68, with the vast majority being 66's and 65's. I have some really nice Russian bills that looked perfect to me, and they came back at 66 & 67's. I have a little over 700 notes, with most graded by PCGS, followed by PMG, and some graded by CGA, and I often wondered if 70's exist. The only 70 I see for sale are foil notes, Smithsonian sheets, and Star Wars notes on eBay, but I don't those those. Kevin