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    Sheik Sheck

    Found at Coin Shop

    Once again, my compliments to your keen eye. The strip appears on all small FRBNs. As you can see, it is designed to block out the word "President." Whether that was a mistake in the plates, I don't know but it is certainly interesting. Perhaps the engraver mistakenly put "President" instead of "Governor" ?? I don't know but it is certainly interesting. It remind me of the black strip seen on Fr-1225's. Let us know if you find out why!
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    Zimbabwe 2016-2017 Bond Notes

    Okay. I'll just go that route then. Thank you!
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    Ali E.

    Zimbabwe 2016-2017 Bond Notes

    Thank you for the request, Revenant. These notes are more suitable for a Custom/Signature Registry Set. Please let us know when we may assist next with the PMG Registry.
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    registry question

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Sheik Sheck

    Found at Coin Shop

    The New York FRBN's shown above have "Deputy Governor" on the left of the note but observe the Dallas FRBN I posted. It still says "Cashier" Was Harris the Deputy Governor of the Dallas Fed or a cashier!!!!!???? You have opened a Pandora's Box!!