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  2. Raising funds for my winter travel expenses for the bi-annual volunteer work I do every year. Happy to make some INSANE deals! Take advantage... Mailing list is free of course. Just send your email to [email protected] if you don't already receive my mailings, offerings and sale lists. Also feel free to let me know your collecting interests and niches. I specialize in low, high, fancy and matching serials, with a particularly strong cache of the fanciest serial BEP items, as well as modern coin rarities. I use Ebay mainly for advertising examples of what we have in our inventory. Look us up there under "Fancycashcom" Email me to get my current inventory lists. Also to be on my mailing list and send me your want lists. You can also call me at 760.889.1276 Thanks, Scott Wohl Fancycashcom [email protected]
  3. You may want to go to the site . You should find this very informative . Unfortunately the serial numbers you have posted don’t fall into any of the fancy numbers that are collected . Keep looking and you will find a nice serial number one day .
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  5. For a client. Like 87655678, 67899876 and a few others. If you have any email me at [email protected] or call/text to 760.889.1276 Thanks!
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  7. I want to buy $1000 dollar bill 1928 issue Dallas district in VF condition. Payment through Paypal.
  8. The reality is that the graders are all different and the chances of all notes being graded the exact same is practically impossible. Remember, this is 60% details and 40% how it "appears" to them. Once it has been graded by PMG, it will most likely retain that grade because they protect each other and PMGs reputation (understandably so). If you had a note graded by them and then requested a re-grade or even took the note out of the holder (sending it in like it has never been graded), they will look up the serial in their system to see if it had been previously graded and you will end up with the same grade. If you could put 10 graders each in different rooms and give them 10 notes to grade. The only way they would all have the same grade is if they cheated. I would bet a thousand bucks on that! Someone should develop a scanner that can measure everything from creases/folds, centering, stains and even color depth so that it takes the human factor out of grading. Until then, just pray that when you send it in for the first time, that your grader is having a good day.
  9. The re-grade process is a sham. Regardless of whether you send in as a re-grade or you take the note out and send it like it has never been graded, they will look up the serial to see if it has been previously graded by them and then just give you that same grade to protect each other. If it wasn't for the nice holder they have I would go somewhere else.
  10. No, unfortunately not. Now, you can enter a valid PMG number for a given slot and upload pictures of your PCGS note--i.e. a bit of trickery. You will get points for the PMG numbers grade, not the PCGS grade. For my signature sets (signature sets are not competitive). I have a few postcard pictures of national banks that I use as the Reverse while the front has the note from that national bank. One of the notes in my Warren National Bank Signature set displays a postcard picture of the bank. In this case I have the note in a PMG holder but chose to display the postcard as the notes reverse. The set is here: the fourth note has the postcard view of the bank. I have one Warren National Bank note in a PCGS holder, but choose not to trick the system to display it, although it would be very easy to do so using any valid PMG number in a signature set.
  11. Hi, Newbie here, so please forgive this annoying question... Can my PCGS graded notes be entered into a PMG registry set? Thanks
  12. Hello, I have heard back from our research manager and he advises that we would need to see them in hand before we could make a final determination, however, the information you send is a good starting point for us. If you would like to send them in, please put your submission to the attention of Jay Recher. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!
  13. Thank you. I will forward these over to our research department and see what they advise. Thanks!
  14. kweb1965

    obscure Russian

    Here is the website that lists them, (URAL 1-8, NNOV 1-6). They are also listed here: and the Nemtsovki Kevin
  15. Hello, chookcity. Thanks for the request. Please send your PMG certification numbers to [email protected], so we may determine where they best fit in the PMG Registry.
  16. Hello, I checked with our research manager and he asked if you can provide a reference book name or a website or something that provides some additional information. Without some additional information we would not be able to grade these at this time. Thanks!
  17. $20 star note I got from atm today. Kinda shocked me. Not a rare one by any means by run numbers, but still I'm happy with getting it. First 20 star note I've ever seen.
  18. Cut way off center. Look at top and bottom margins. 1976 series.
  19. Good afternoon. The reference book we use for Obsolete banknotes would be: Standard Catalog of United States Obsolete Bank Notes 1782-1866 by James Haxby. You can find a more complete listing of all the reference books we use on our website here: Thank you!
  20. My mother was in banking all her life, and I have several notes and coins that she kept for some reason and I do not know why. Where would be the best place to send these to see if they are worth anything more than face value??? AB
  21. Hi, Is there a set location for Japanese invasion money?
  22. Where do I find catalog numbers for obsolete currency? Trying to avoid the research fees. Thanks
  23. Hi Kevin, thanks for your message. It would be helpful if you could attache a picture of the type of note you are referring to and I can check with our research department to see if we grade it. Thanks!
  24. kweb1965

    obscure Russian

    Will PMG grade obscure Russian obsolete currency, such as the Nemtsovki " ( Nizhny Novgorod Region ) bills of 1992 and the Ural Francs 1991 R 4343-4350 ? Thanks Kevin
  25. Hi, thanks for your message! PMG assigns the PMG Star () Designation to notes with exceptional eye appeal for their assigned grade.While eye appeal is one of the most subjective characteristics of notes, there are general standards which numismatists typically use to define exceptional eye appeal. To receive a from PMG, notes must exhibit exceptionally strong plate and / or overprint embossing, vibrant ink color, and pristine paper quality exceeding the well-established standards used to determine the Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) Designation.All US and world notes are automatically evaluated for the distinction of the PMG Star () Designation. Notes that do not qualify for the EPQ Designation will be disqualified from receiving the Star Designation.It is important to note that the is assigned irrespective of the note’s numeric grade. For example, a PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 may be at the low, middle or high end of the PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 grade.Notes graded PMG Gem Uncirculated 70 must also qualify for the PMG Star () and EPQ Designations. Thank you!
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