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  2. Steve in Tampa

    PMG Regrade Is It Worth It?

    I have a friend with a large collection of PMG graded notes. He recently sent in several graded notes for a Presidential review, which does exactly what you’re asking about. Contact PMG for application and pricing.
  3. I have a dollar bill can anyone tell me if it is worth anything? The number is B59955597H
  4. The first will be the updating of the existing Five Dollars Small Size Notes sets to fill in the open slots and the addition of the 2017 series notes. The One and Five Dollars notes, along with the addition of 2017 series of $10 and $20 notes. The plan is to complete all of the remaining twenty nine Back Plate Error and Mule notes for the One Dollar FRN District Master set by the end of this year. This will be part of 46 note slots needed to complete the “$1 FRN District Master Set” for all the open slots. I have the SSFRN Five Dollars note sets schedule this year with 35 notes for one of the bulk submittal. Over last year (2018) a total of 237 notes were sent in for grading by PMG and added to the sets. Also this year will be the updating and adding more “Large Size Notes” this will expand the existing sets. Also updating all of the One Dollar sets with addition or up grading with higher graded notes. Also the addition of more Red and Silver Certificate notes. As part of this expansion I hope to see the BEP SHEET NOTES added to the Registry this would fill in and complete all of the sets for the One, Five, Ten and Twenty Dollars notes.
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  6. Jennifer F.

    Paper money

    Good morning. The examples you provided would not be considered fancy serial numbers. You can refer to this article on our website regarding fancy serial numbers: We would not be able to advise you on if it would be worth sending in for grading, unfortunately. But if you do have questions on how to submit to us, we would be happy to advise you. Thank you!
  7. Tiffers

    Paper money

    Can someone tell me if this is a fancy number please!? On my 1 dollar 2013 H 85895889 D OTHER ONE HAS L 19344444 R 2013 dollar bill also have a 2013 dollar bill E 78000955 A Then a star note 2013 B13816199* dollar bill are these worth keeping or no?? ease!?
  8. Since making the decision to return that ungraded 20 Trillion note my wife and I had said we’d sit down together once we got the refund and pick out what we were going to get instead. We got the refund on Tuesday 01/29. With the nature of being parents being what it is, we didn’t get to sit down together until shortly before bedtime on Friday 2/1, after the Ben was already in bed to pick out the new notes / purchase. I’d been looking at notes / options online for about a week at this point, so I was able to pull up about 11 options I’d been considering, and we talked about them together. I talked to my wife about each one and she even provided input on which ones we should chose based on which ones she thought were the prettiest. One option had been getting the 50 Billion note, graded by PMG, which would have completed my “Billions Series” set now that I Have the 20 Billion note. That note was being offered for $60 by the merchant so it would have pretty much been a direct item for item swap. My wife was surprised that I wasn’t leaning in that direction just to complete the Billions set, but, for the money, they had other things that were cheaper, looked better, and would contribute more to my overall set right now. I’m not ruling out getting the 50 Billion note later but it’s always been a harder sell for me. I acquired all of the rest of these notes mostly for $20-30. If I actually got that for the price they list it for it’d easily be the most expensive note in the set. Instead, they had several other notes that were graded 66 EPQ or 67 EPQ for S15-16 each. I could get four of those for about the same price as the price of that 50 Billion note and I thought that path could add a lot more to my set overall. So what did I go with? 1: P-12, the 2003, first dollar, 1,000-dollar note 2: P-8, the 1994, first dollar, 50-dollar note 3. P-33, the 1 cent, 2nd dollar note 4. P-71, 3rd dollar, 1000-dollar note Why these four? I was really wanting to get the 1,000-dollar first dollar note. It looks great, it’s the last and highest denomination first dollar issue before they started making the emergency checks. I see it as representing the beginning of the end for the currency. My wife and I also agree that the first dollar notes, in contrast to many of the later issues, are actually quite pretty and intricate in their design. I wasn’t initially going to get the 50-dollar note too, but, again, they’re some of the most attractive notes of the entire series and I do like the look of it. This may or may not lead to trying to get more of the first dollar notes. I wanted the 1 cent note because 1) it would be the first 2nd dollar note I’ve purchased, and 2) it’s just such an odd note. Much like the 100 Trillion note, it’s one of those crazy, freakish things that only happens in a hyperinflation situation. You would never normally see a 1 cent note. This note shows that it’s not always a story of big numbers on notes. There’s a broader selection of oddities and aberrations that occur. The 1,000 -dollar 3rd dollar note (P-71_ was selected because I’d been wanting to get another 3rd dollar note that extended my set back into the lower denominations of that series. Prior to this my lowest denomination in the 3rd dollar set was the 500,000-dollar note. I’d also considered getting the 20-dollar note from the 3rd dollar series. I’d thought the 20-dollar note (P-68) might be a better choice to continue the “trend” or the denomination choice with the 1983 and 1994 first dollar notes I have. $20 is also a significant / prominent denomination in the US. We went with the 1,000-dollar note because the 20 just doesn’t look as nice. The coloring just isn’t as appealing. I think hands down the most enjoyable part of the whole process was sitting down with Shandy and talking about the notes and the history and what I liked about each one and narrowing down the list of ~11 notes to four and ordering those four. (Yup, I totally paid $15 for a 1 cent bank note, but they’re all demonetized anyway so who even cares about face values anyway at this point?) Two of these notes – these already graded notes – were $15 and two were $16. So, the total purchase was $62 – versus the $60 charged for that ungraded 20 trillion note, which I still and will forever think was a rip-off given that other on eBay are offering those things graded by PMG for $40 in some cases. I think the $40 is still a little steep considering the popularity of these things seems to have waned over time, but it’s a lot more reasonable. In many cases these notes can be had ungraded for a couple of bucks from what I can see. The lowest grading fee tier for world bank notes at PMG right now is about $13-15 dollars depending on what kind of bulk submission you’re doing. So the difference in price on a lot of these is just enough to cover the grading fee, if that, over the cost of an ungraded note. But even then, they don’t sell a lot of them at these prices – I’m guessing because I’m one of the small few that sees value in collecting these things as graded notes (and I’m apparently about the only one that feels like participating in the registry with them). I’m okay with that though. I have very specific reasons for why I want what I want with this set. The notes should be arriving in the mail today. This has re-ignited my interest in the set and so I'm probably going to be putting a little more money and a lot more time into this set / project this year to flush out some things that I feel are gaps in my collection.
  9. kweb1965

    #1 INTEREST!!

    Thanks for the complement, I think. Kevin
  10. kweb1965

    Tear in a $100 Canadian bill

    Do not try to repair it. I would be better to have it graded and encapsulated to preserve it. PMG grades Canadian and they do a great job. I recently sent in over 100 notes from Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Krygrzstan, Russia, etc) and I am waiting to get them back. If you want to save some money, the Canadian Graders also grade them for about ten dollars US (12 or 14 Canadian). The two Canadian Graders are Canadian Coin Certification Service (CCCS, both coins and bills and will grade all bills) and Banknote Certification Service Ltd (BCS, only grades Canadian notes). PMG, CCCS, BCS, and PGCS notes can be listed on Ebay. Personally, I like PMG first, but CCCS also does a great job and I use them for all my Canadian and British notes. As far as your notes, I would grade it since the Canadian Government is pulling all non-polymer bills and destroying them. The price of them are going up, depending which one you have. Kevin
  11. I received a note I purchased with the top right corner of the PMG holder bent, about a 1.5 inch bend in the plastic near where the number grade is located. Everything is easily readable and the note itself is 100% fine. Does this detract from the value of the note at all? Should I return the note?
  12. I see the changes have been made and 12b is added! Thanks! You folks are fast.
  13. Hello, Revenant. Thank you for the inquiry. We see the date of issue for these notes changed from the last Pick book to the new edition. We are making the necessary adjustments to that set. Please let us know when we may assist in the future.
  14. The category is currently listed as "1980-2001 Issues, P1-P12, Complete." However, the set includes P-12, the $1,000 note, which is a 2003 issue. So I think the category should be named "1980-2003 Issues, P1-P12, Complete." Also, the slot / scoring for the set only includes scores for P-12a (Large digit SN), so I'm worried that when I get a P-12b (Small digit SN) I ordered in later this week it's not going to be accepted in the set. Thanks for the help and for looking into this.
  15. Peter Johnson

    PMG Regrade Is It Worth It?

    Hello, i was wonder if any one sent a note to be graded by pmg and got a lower grade than expected and sent back to pmg to get it regraded? And if so did you get a higher grade the second time? I have a 1934 light green 50 dollar federal reserve note that graded a 58 epq but it looks like a solid 64. Is it worth it?
  16. I'm experiencing problems with note descriptions and pictures disappearing on me as I'm trying to build up some PMG registry sets. For example: I'm making changes to the slots / slot descriptions in my signature set. A couple of notes that I have assigned to this set have note descriptions and photos. I save the changes to the slots and, when I get taken to the page for making changes to the Notes, all of my photos and note descriptions have been blanked, even if I made no changes to those slots in the prior screen. In one of my competitive sets, I made a change to a note that had a note description and photos. The new description saved, but the pictures disappeared (this was on my 100 Trillion note). I've switched to saving all of my descriptions to a word file for now to avoid losses that I can't fix with copy / paste, but if I can't make this stop happening it's going to be really hard to build out the set. Especially since I tend to get hit with errors if I try to upload too many pictures at the same time. Thanks for any help you can provide on this.
  17. Revenant

    Another collage

    I like the idea, but, maybe it's just my computer, I actually can't zoom in enough on it to see all the details in the notes.
  18. Sheik Sheck

    Another collage

  19. Sheik Sheck

    Another collage

    If you get sick of them let me know. I know they get boring. But I enjoy Paint. Here is a Speelman-White signature collage. Those two signatures are very common on many many notes. Here are a few notes you can find the famous duo.
  20. Sheik Sheck

    Another collage

    Speelman and White signature combination.
  21. MacChz

    Paper money news
  22. Please add Fr 1608exp notes to the 1935A sets 1935A $1 Silver Certificate Block Set MA - *B with Varieties 1935A $1 Silver Certificate Block Set MA - *B This is the Peter Huntoon and Jamie Yakes publication discovering these
  23. MacChz

    Remedies for over-grading by dealers

    Unfortunately quite sad but the fall back is that grading is only an opinion not a science. We (probably) have all been burned on grading over the years so your concern is genuine
  24. PCGS staff have been busy finding and brokering notes for several of the Registry members.
  25. The PCGS Website and FB pages (2) have been removed from the web. This looks very bad as one of the partners departed last month.
  26. I found a Carolina currency note for sale, but I don't want to buy it if it is a replica. It's dated April 2nd 1776. Everything seems to be spelled correctly. It's says "seven dollars and a half" no.1825 How can I tell?
  27. CaptBrian


    Well, I got them all graded and am quite happy. Average uncirculated grades from 63 to 66. I'm happy with that. All notes only went down 1 or two grades. That's not bad. ( as I figured) Some of the 86 note hoard (about 11 or so notes) were not worth grading and are still in CGA holders. I don't have that much invested in those but I still wonder why the fellow even had them graded. Oh well, I'm happy that my first foray into paper money seems to be okay, money wise, and I'm very happy to have the notes.
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