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  2. Meh. Maybe... Not really something I feel a burning need for.
  3. Here's a video the NBU did of the Commemorative note.
  4. That note with the mechanical error just got reposted on ebay, I'd say they have it described fairly now. $30 it could be yours.
  5. Sniped again.... We'll see where these notes land in the registry. If they do end up here..... This one was a little surprising, I had a decent number on there for what it was. Guess I'm going to have to adjust to a rising market. That's a lot of to's.
  6. It probably obstructs the UV features a little bit but they are still visible. In the last row of images you can see the security fibers through the holder. The images of the 10 Karbovantsiv are of an ungraded note in a regular holder. The initial thing that didn't look right is with a UV feature that large you can typically see a faint outline of it or a shadow or shaded area under regular lighting. If you hold it just right. Here's a pic of a 50 Karbovantsiv under standard lighting with some slight backlighting. The latent imprint is clearly visible.
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  8. Interesting. So I guess the PMG holder doesn't block UV and you can still see the UV features in graded notes. I have a UV light I might actually use now...
  9. A new note arrived the other day, always a joyous event. It was a P 82b, a note that the seller had multiples of, a note that you don't see as often as it's counterpart (82a). As soon as I saw this note I checked the PMG Population Report, five notes graded at 68 and 1 at 65. I don't keep a week by week record of the populations but I do check them out every Tuesday when they are updated and from what I recalled the five 68's are all new meaning they were all submitted together. Sweet, now I'm pretty confident that the seller has multiples of this note, so I wait. Over the course of two month'
  10. Please correct the following "Slot: 5 Pounds 2016 Issue P371" should be for 10 Pounds, not 5. Thank you,
  11. Last week
  12. So this was part of another journal entry I was writing but I got completely sidetracked in researching/writing this aspect of the entry and it just doesn't fit or stay within the theme of the original anymore. Viola! A second journal entry. In 1991 the newly Independent Ukraine was accepting bids to print its new currency the Hryvnia. CBNC (Canadian Bank Note Company), one of the bidders, is based in Ottawa. At the time Canada had a population of just over 27 million, 1 million of which were of Ukrainian descent, this gave CBNC a competitive edge in the bidding for the contract. In Febr
  13. Hmmm. I just got sniped, wonder who it could be..... I think I know who you are, gulp!
  14. Yeah that's a little salty for the Cargill cheques. I like the fuel ration coupons, kinda takes the whole situation to a more personal level. For me. I think there is a good chance PMG would grade the coupons issued by the RBZ, not so sure they would grade ones issued by CALTEX or others (if there are others). What's the one that has AMBY on it, was that a RBZ issue as well? Looks like they cashed it. Dang it, can't stop looking at fuel coupons now.
  15. So, I knew going into this and in making my other post that the old Travellers checks are pretty out there and common and available... As long as you don't insist on them being uncanceled / unused... (Geeeze! That is a heck of a lot of money!) But I'm finding that the Cargill Checks (P 13-14 and P 24-27), may just only be available much more rarely and at prices I am just 100% not willing to pay for them, short of me winning the Mega Millions. However, the more I look at them the more excited I get about the idea of buying and collecting some of the old fuel
  16. Thanks! I actually just realized this note has the day and month of my birthday. That’s cool. Probably a keeper for me now that I saw this.
  17. Cool find! A 1935-G, No Motto, G Block, Star Note. A slight misalignment on the serial number but not enough to add any extra value. People always like "star" or replacement notes so that is a plus. In that condition I'd say $5ish or less. I'm not very familiar with these notes so I might be missing something.
  18. Found this tonight and just looking for some feedback as to if it has any value. I’m definitely much more of a coin collector but paper has peaked my curiosity and I’m still learning about its intricacies. The 8 in the left side serial number (pardon me for my verbiage if this is not numismatically correct) is visibly out of place but other than that I’m not sure about the general value of the bill itself. Thank you for any input.
  19. Thanks for that. That and a bit more research my form the basis for starting a comment on my P-104. If that's happening they'll abandon the new dollars officially soon enough.
  20. Thanks a lot. It meant a lot. I was very happy to get it and I appreciate your message.
  21. We will see Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill very soon. Not a misprint or a "one of" in my opinion, just a bill that was stamped once it went into circulation. Whether or not having the bill stamped like that increases the value beyond face, maybe, but it wouldn't be much.
  22. That is what i think as well i know that at one time they were talkimg about making a bill with her on it for some type of tribute to her or something like that but from what i read they didn't and that is why i think it is a misprint and hoping it is a one off !!
  23. Looks like someone had a Harriet Tubman stamp and went to town on your bill.
  24. Hello how's it going ? So the reason why I started this topic is because I have a $20 bill that's I have never ever seen before I had asked around to several people that I know they have some type of knowledge about currency and notes for that matter and they also stated to me that they never have seen this bill or a bill like this so this is the reason why I joined this site and got on because I really need some help finding out if this is a misprints that is been circulating out there for a while and if there's other misprints like this or if there is a chance this is a one-off misprint and
  25. Congratulations on your big win! All that hard work on Zimbabwe paid off. You are definitely the hyper inflation dude. I am really glad they honored you as us forum dwellers know how much blood, sweat and tears you put into the hobby. One hundred trillion salutes to you. Well done!
  26. is it possible to add new set or modify the current following set to include the varieties : Bank of Afghanistan, 1948-1951 Issue, P28-P36
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