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  2. ddr70

    A PMG Grading Kanban

    Today my notes moved into Quality Control. I checked on the turn around time for economy and it is 28 working days. With Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Holidays, it's been about 28 working days.
  3. Do you still have these for sale?
  4. Good morning. When you get to the Population Report there is a gray bar that runs underneath the grades. You can use your mouse to slide this bar to the right and left which will show you all of the grades. If you are still experiencing problems, you might want to call our customer service department and someone can walk you through it. You can reach us at 877-764-5570. Thank you!
  5. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. Even when I put in that information, the population report stops at 65 EPQ. I can't pull up any notes that have been graded higher than a 65.
  6. I find that PMG doesn't give complete answers all the time. One of your first questions is about which of the numbers on the back of your graded note is the Certification number. Your note Certification number is 1516213-007. You might have already figured that out already. Picking up from where PMG left off; When you get to the Population Report Screen you should see a gray slide bar at the bottom of the listing of notes. If you drag this "bar" to your right you will see the higher category notes that have been graded. I hope this helps.
  7. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. Even when I put in that information, the population report stops at 65 EPQ. I can't pull up any notes that have been graded higher than a 65.
  8. Sorry for the delay. Yes, that number does come up when I check it in our system. If you go to the Certification lookup on our website, it will pull up that note information. There will be a link where you can click to that note information in the Population Report. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you!
  9. Jennifer, I never heard back from you. Are those the correct numbers from the back of the note that you were looking for?
  10. Sheik Sheck

    A PMG Grading Kanban

    I am like you. I know it's a long, long wait so I just predict what the grade will be. I am usually pretty close. However, the note posted below I purchased ungraded. It was crisp, perfect corners, clearly never had any folds...I mean the note is just spectacular. I thought it was going to grade 63 EPQ. And hoping it might even go higher When I received it, I was in shock. I have seen 40's that weren't even close to this note. This is the first note I have ever resubmitted. I will probably get the same grade, but this time I will press them as to what the flaws were. This not is so obviously never been circulated! I'll let you know when it returns from regrading purgatory!
  11. ddr70

    A PMG Grading Kanban

    Luckily for me (a collector), I'm keeping these notes for a long time and I don't need the cash flow from them. So, the wait just builds up my anticipation. I get to compare my grading skills with team PMG's professional grading skills. So all fun for me. I do suggest improvements to PMG, like adding 'research' as a link to the PMG tab (so you could get to verify PMG number) here on collectors society, just like you find on the NGC and CGC tabs. People say the government is slow, but PMG implementing this simple suggestion--slower! The Kanban solution shouldn't be too hard especially if PMG already records the date/time a submission is received into a database, and again when processed into the 'scheduled for grading' stage and then date/time the submission enters QC. Maybe weekly, update the average times for various tiers. I haven't submitted notes to PCGS although I do have a set or two in their note registry. PCGS has sooooo many more categories for folks who collect nationals than PMG. I've started a few as signature sets here at PMG and created one--the rainbow set which unlike nicely toned coins means town or bank names with a color reference (i.e. Orange, CA, Brownsville, TX or The Blackstone NB of Uxbridge, MA (Charter 1022 is one of my favorite notes)). I'm happy to hear that PMG compares favorably to PCGS's grading times. I meant to ask if anyone has a note dated Dec. 25 on a National? Post it please... it will go nicely with my New Year's Eve note. Kelly shows one from Christmas as I recall in the 6th ed. of Nat'l Bank Notes, it's from The Citizens NB of Ripley, OH.
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  13. Paulies 1992

    A PMG Grading Kanban

    How Long can a Grading service keep Your Notes before it's considered Theft! I mean Seriously, It FEELS That Long sometimes, Especially PCGS!!!
  14. ddr70

    Collage from Los Angeles Ch # 2491

    Just google Don Kelly national bank and you'll get his web site He was running a special ($81) on the 6th ed. Nat'l Bank Notes plus a Friedberg plus free ship that ends the end of 2018. He shipped mine priority and I had it in just a few days. As I recall, I emailed him using the address on his web site and he called me. I got to chat with him for a bit on the phone about my Salem, OH notes. And I paid over the phone with a card. Not sure when the 7th edition is out or if Don is planning a 7th. The 6th comes with a CD with the Hickman project registry. I like the data on bank officers, although its not complete. Sorry I didn't respond earlier as I didn't see a new post here. So, you know I like that note a lot--you going to send it in to get your name and the radar noted on the holder?? I checked the auction site and I was 3rd high bidder :-(
  15. ddr70

    A PMG Grading Kanban

    In Japanese, a Kanban (看板) is a signboard or billboard, but in lean manufacturing a Kanban is a scheduling system. Submissions at PMG start out in a Received Status. Then your notes move into a dreaded state, "scheduled for grading"; a purgatory for notes. You you eagerly await a status of Quality Control--if you're like me, you start checking every day after about 30 days. Where are my notes submitted last October? Purgatory. Quality control means the notes made it to the end of the queue and were graded by PMG. In my experience, notes move fairly quickly to Finalized/Imaged/Shipped and you can actually see your grades posted. So what's the point of a Kanban? On the production floor workers and managers can see how progress is going. And if a customer shows up on the production line, they have an idea of when they might receive product. At a show, a customer submitting notes has an idea when the notes will return graded. I think we need a Kanban for grading! The metric could be by tier (economy is my tier), 'how long (on average of course) is it taking from Scheduled for Grading to Quality Control.' Then, let me get a bit crazy here, send me an email (or let me subscribe to receive an email) so I know when the note emerges from scheduled for grading. (Note: I did receive an email when I was charged back in October which is good to know.) If there was a Kanban, I'd have an idea whether or not I might see my notes before the new year. Speaking of the new year, here's what the Union NB of New Castle, PA was doing in 1906--getting it's charter from the Registry of the Treasury. You can just make out the date above the president's signature (Dec. 31, 1906). My $20 is currently in purgatory and not in my Large Type Nationals series 1902 set :-(. You can see all the sets competing in Lg Type Nat'ls of 1902 here: (my PA notes are #7)... Happy holidays :-)!

  17. NUMISMATIC PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!dad was a math teacher! do the MATH!!


  18. Anyone agree?this to me NUMISMATIC!! PEOPLE are the best WHY??? interesting/love history educating kids/hobby/investment in good times!$/worldly keepers of the economy!!!!to me each note YES!! each (i,ve learned)is a PERSON its own number its OWN!
  19. Jennifer F.

    Is my PMG graded note authentic?

    Thank you for your message. We will forward this over to our web designers and hopefully we can get something like that added for PMG in the near future. Thanks!
  20. ddr70

    Is my PMG graded note authentic?

    My point is as a collector's society member, it would be nice if I could get to information I need from the collector's society page. AND like NGC and CGC, provide a common place (i.e. the research link just like those other pages). Why not add that same link on the PMG tab at collector's society JUST LIKE on the NGC and CGC tabs??? thanks!
  21. There are two numbers on the back. I am not sure which one you want so here are both. 1516213-007. 1802-166E1516213007G.
  22. Eastlord

    Disappeared Certificate Number in Database

    Hi Jennifer, thank you for the pointer, I double checked again, and realized I made a typo error, the correct number is 8040266-024 with 68 EPQ, and I checked it against the database, and it is found. Thanks again for the help.
  23. ExFed

    Macau 5 Patacas Note

    Is anyone interested in the rare 5 Patacas Notes from Banco Nacional Ultramarino? I have one that I have not yet had graded but believe it would be in the 60s. A few years ago one of these sold at auction for just under $900.00. I was just wondering if anyone here collects these notes. (If anyone wants to e-mail me privately you can do so at: [email protected]) Thanks.
  24. Jennifer F.

    Is my PMG graded note authentic?

    Good afternoon. You can find the PMG certification lookup right on the mail page of our website. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will find the certification lookup. Thanks!
  25. Billete sin circular, de la Serie especial de estadística VH del país europeo, España, única serie existente de rastreo. PMG 66 EPQ Venta: 100 euros (113 dólares $) Gastos de envio certificado: 10 euros (13 $)
  26. On NGC (and CGC), there's a research link that takes you to various tools including checking on the authenticity of a NGC certified coin. It's found between About and FAQs and Contact. Could you add such a link on the PMG site to check same? I know it's available here, but I can never find it when I really need it.
  27. Jennifer F.

    Test Notes

    No, these types of notes must go under Economy Special and could not go under the Bulk tier. Thank you.
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