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  2. Ok, I have two notes at this time and have sent others for grading. 1. 8055792-034 South Sudan, Pick #6 2. 8042287-045 South Sudan, Pick #7 Thank you
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  4. Hello, Muzzer42. Thanks for the request. Can you please provide your PMG certification numbers, so we may research your request?
  5. Can you add South Sudan to the Registry? Thank you,
  6. Dear All, The London Coins auction has lots 98 to 517 as paper money, the catalogue link is here: There are quite few german and austrian notgeld/emergency notes available, worth having a look! thanks
  7. Any Idea on the value of this note? Thanks
  8. ^^^^ Judging from the scan, I would say the 65E grade seems generous, due to the very narrow bottom margin. I've seen many 64's with similar or better centering. It must otherwise be a very nice note, but I can't see it ever getting into a 66 holder. As to the original post/question, often times there is very little to separate a Gem note from a 58E: a faint "wallet bend," or partial fold, excessive handling, even the wrong kind of light handling (or the finalizer thinks he/she sees something that may or may not be one of the foregoing) can get a note demoted. These types of issues are often (but not always) not apparent in the holder. Also, unless you saw the note raw and are very confident in your grading, I would expect that PMG would be very unlikely to change the grade.
  9. I took a chance on this at an auction. Just wondering what kind of error this is and what the value of it would be
  10. Good afternoon. Thanks for your message. You can get those added to the label for an $8 variety fee. If you wanted to send those back in it would be $10 for the reholder + $8 for the variety fee. We don't have a specific list but are open to suggestions. As long as it is factual and pertains to the note there is a strong change of that getting put on the label. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you!
  11. Good afternoon. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot provide you with specific account information on someone else's account. I can tell you that I did forward this information over to our accounting department to review but the customer himself would need to inquire about any specifics on his account. Thank you!
  12. I have a 10 dallor bill from 1974 and wanted to know how much it's worth it's from the Philadelphia reserve.
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  14. The 1.00 bill doeslook fake but I have one that I believe is genuine. i know the history behind it .
  15. i submitted under a friends account some error bills to be graded. He should have had a $150 credit as he is a premium member. However, the credit card for the submission has been charged for the whole amount. The customer number is CS079033 and the order number is 8064521 Thanks
  16. ICG did not use the same scale as US companies. It’s 60 was an AU-UNC grade, then they had 63, equivalent to anything between 58-62 by US companies, and 66 which ICG themselves labeled as choice unc, hence 63 . The next grade was 68 for near or true gems, equivalent to 64-66 and the «perfect unc» 70 that was supposed to be 67 and above. PMG crossgraded it at 66, too bad. Jaime did not use epq, PPQ etc designations either. The problems that Jaime faced started with his cooperation with PCGS Currency, who wanted a foothold in Europe to reduce PCGS gold Shield’s operations ,which worked for quite some time, until Bradford for no apparent reason broke his contract with CU ,in December 2018, even though he could renew for another decade, and decided to create Legacy, leaving Jaime in the red. Jaime is primarily a hobbyist, his profession is a radiologist if I am not mistaken and he was furious that his collaboration with Jason Bradford destroyed his company. As a European customer of PCGS Currency, and buyer of ICG notes at times, I feel very bad about this situation.
  17. I’ve also wanted to attend some of these seminars but I never did. Better late than never. Do they offer Currency grading 101, or is it all about coins? I collect both, but my currency grading skills definitely need some serious improving.
  18. Good afternoon. Thanks for your message. In a case like this you would not have to provide a catalog number for a sheet. We will create a number here to accommodate the sheet so you can leave that section of the form blank. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you!
  19. They have already stopped making them since last December. There is no new design made for €500. What counts most, is the issuing country, defined by the initial letter of the serial number. German and French €500s are still plentiful. Irish (T) or Greek (Y) though is another story. Greek 500s have already realized ~$2000 in PMG 66-67 holders because they’ve only been printed once, in 2002 and never again, but the mintages are unknown. Too early to tell.
  20. Has anyone here seen one of the dollar bills from the Native American $1 Coin & Currency Set 2019 that has been sent in for grading? It seems they are arriving, from the mint, in bad, crooked packaging. Just wondering if they are worth sending in. I havn't received mine from the mint yet. Thanks all.
  21. I'm with you guys. We pay real money for grading. They could at least get them straight.
  22. i have a sheet of 1837 Danville Pa obsolete bank notes and to submit them for grading i am required to have a catalogue number. I don't know where to find it without spending 600 dollars on the book which is not gonna happen. Also I have the template that I am sending in to be graded also which is going to bring a whole lot of issues with submitting a form because they have no option for that type of item and I am pretty certain that there is no catalogue number for something like that. So this is becoming very confusing to me. I really was just wanting to submit what I had, have you guys grade them send them back in your protective sleeve, I pay you for it and everything is good. I don't know why this submission form has to be so difficult. It makes me wish that there was another way to do this instead of coming here. I need help. Please help. Bret
  23. Thanks a lot. More to come. Having a devil of a time uploading pictures. Wrong size. I'll fig it out.. Thanks again..
  24. Awesome set of notes. It took a lot of patience and love to put those together. I enjoy reading about your ventures. Thanks!
  25. Hello, Common question I bet. There are a couple of ways.... (few) and some quite stale, but still a good chance to give you an idea. First go to a book in which you can find the Fr# or Catalog number, e.g. Whitman Ecyclopedia of U.S. Paper Money and find your note in there and the Identifier. When in the book, it has approximate prices and of course with the fluid market, the newer the book the better. But I can't afford new books every printing so I use an old one and apply the current market strength or weakness in currencies such as I am interested in. Another way is (my favorite) is be a member of Heritage Auctions, and Stacks & Bower. They have great websites and on line auctions where you can learn to dial in your item, and sometimes get a current price of an item like or close to yours. The last place I go is EBay. Remember, Ebay has a 13% markup if you use paypal so be wary of the asking prices. I would take off 13%, and then a little more because usually you can bargain down a little. Note FR# on 2nd line of label description. Lastly, come to this forum and ask anyone for a particular item. Or list it for sale for a price you would accept. I hope that helps. Capt. Brian
  26. I collect nationals. I have a few notes that have "Signature type stamped" or penned on the back of the holder. Is it possible to add the actual names of the bank officers? Kelley does record bank officers' names for some banks. Is there anything else i could request on to be added on the back (i.e. do you have a pick list)? thanks!
  27. Hello, great journal. Another perspective is always dessert for me. I had several PCGS graded notes, and took a good look at them. Some were not worth re-grading, and those that had some value, I sent the whole pack to PMG and when they came back, I was net improved. I always have a hard time with collectors of both coins and currency and the argument of which is better. I say, its like two gunfighters, last man standing is better. But seriously, I always trusted PCGS currency as I do with coins, but I don't feel PCGS is/was superior in either venue. I have many coins and currency in both holders, and will continue to purchase as I deem valuable to my collections. Capt. Brian
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