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    Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.

    That is fantastic! Love it. Radars on the treasury SNs are tough to come by. I have a Green Bay $5 DB on The Citizens NB Ch. # (M)3884 Fr. 592 in PMG 35. These two would go nicely together :-)
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  4. I have only used ngc. However you should be able to go into your online account. Look at my account. Look at orders placed. Open the order. It should have the status and the tracking number.
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  6. Good morning, Thanks for your email. The reference book used for World notes is the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (commonly known as the Pick book). That is where you will see the different varieties. You can find out more about reference books we use here: Notes PMG Grades, Attributions & Reference Books | PMG ( If you would like to submit your note for grading, you can find out more on the process here: How to Submit | PMG ( Thank you!
  7. LOL, I remember reading something about Confucius's bad behavior on these notes. They are a great series of notes, one that I may look into collecting in the future. Pretty awesome finds in the ol' desk.
  8. For $1 bills there are no real mules after the switch in notes in 1963. The whole thing about number size was because of the backs from the silver certs being used on the newer fed notes. Mules listed for 1981 is just found by knowing the plate numbers (no difference in size). They started over with plate 1. So large numbers had to come from 1977a. If your 1981 plate number is a four digit it is from the 1977a series. (ie 3269) Then again on the 1981a series plate numbers above 300 came from the 1981 series. These are collected as mules but there is no physical difference other that plate nu
  9. I'm totally new to collecting paper currency, and I inherited a 1939-40 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ten Shillings note. It's a Sheehan/MacFarlane Orange signature version, but I keep seeing these "b. c. and d. replacements" in the listings in the price guide, and I don't know what it means or how to tell whether my note is one or not. I'm guessing it almost certainly isn't, but what does it mean? Thank you for your help. Michael
  10. Thanks! I'll look into the lucky numbers thing. This One Yuan Chinese bill has an interesting history. Apparently, during the Japanese occupation of China from 1938-1940, the Chinese put subtle (or maybe not-so subtle) f-you gestures into their currency in order to stick it to the Japanese. You can see Confucius here is performing a rude gesture with his fingers. However, some of these Chinese Fens, which were produced during the same time confuse me a bit. Their style seems more Japanese somehow, very tiny and very neat and orderly, without any of the iconography of China. I wonder
  11. There are many ways around that. An example would be to take a lower denomination bill soak it in a solution to remove the ink then reprint a higher denomination on the paper. Viola! Security fibers and flakes of mica were some of the very first security features. It's a beauty! Looks like it has nice bright colors and not nearly in as bad of shape as the others. Some banknotes are works of art, it's one of the main reasons I really enjoy collecting them. I don't think the 1940 is rare, I took a look around and I see a few listing of those notes dated 1940. It's probably a little more
  12. Thanks Fenntucky Mike! That really helps. I suspect that one thing that would be hard to replicate in the FRBC bills are the fine multi-colored 'hairs' that appear throughout the paper in the bills. Here's the Banque de L'Algerie bill, which is really beautiful like a tiny work of art. It's not worth much, but it's pretty. One weird detail about it is that it's dated 1940, but I cannot find any listings of a 1940 bill, just 1938-39 or 1942. Not sure if that makes it rarer. But in any case, it's probably in the best condition of any of these bills other than the Chinese Fens. Michael
  13. Hello and thank you for your interest. We will get those three slots added.
  14. Online it has shipped on 4-8. Will contact PMG directly today. Thanks
  15. Did you get a PMGSHIP.pdf document emailed to you or something similar? Maybe they haven't sent it yet. Try posting this in the Ask PMG section, someone should get back to you.
  16. Thank You, I did not see the tracking number on any return paperwork.
  17. Have never submitted to PMG but NGC emails the submitter a NGCSHIP document (.pdf) once the coins are shipped. The tracking # is on that document, I would assume PMG dose the same for notes.
  18. Once note is graded and shipped. Does PMG send tracking numbers or do they just mail back without tracking?
  19. Those are some very cool looking notes! Especially like the FRBC notes. I think you're pretty spot on with your assessment of the notes, I think 20 +/- is not to far off for all three. All have lots of creasing, folds, paper loss and heavy soiling. It's very difficult to tell condition based solely on pictures but I would say the FRBC's are below 20 and the CA note is right at 20 or just below. For comparison here is a CA 10 Shillings note grade 30 and it looks to be in better shape with less creasing, soiling and paper loss. I would probably just put them in a nice holder and/or album an
  20. Hello. We have added a separate slot. Thank you for your interest.
  21. Hello everyone. I'm totally new to antique paper currency because I just recently fell into it by accident. My parents inherited a very old, heavy wooden desk from a relative a while back, and they discovered a wad of older foreign currency in it. After having done some basic research into the collection's potential value, I'm pretty sure someone was collecting these pieces and didn't acquire them in their travels. Most of the bills do not appear to have a substantial value, but it appears that some of them may be worth grading at some point, but I'm having trouble deciding. There ar
  22. Yes, it can. It lost the EPQ designation because of the previously mounted comment but the grade can still be a regular 64 without the EPQ. Thanks!
  23. Hello there! I recently shipped out a note to be graded and it says the package was delivered and signed for at PMG as of 4/8 which was 6 days ago. Im sure with all of the packages you guys receive, it may take some time to get it logged into the "scheduled for grading" status. But I was wondering if you could give me a general idea of how long it usually takes to get the note entered into your system after it has been delivered. Again, I know the time length may vary based on the work load you guys have but any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Brian
  24. thank you for your I have another question: this note in question was graded 64..can it still have a 64 grade and be "previously mounted".. John Wixson
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