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  2. Tis the season to share a national. My first thought was to post a pic on one with a 25 December charter date, but alas, I don't have one. So let me know if this one makes for a good seasonal journal entry. I think it might even with a December 10, 1908 charter. And feel free to add on. Happy Holidays!
  3. Hi everyone, got this today. And the serial number caught my attention. I guess you can go by the numbers in the month, day and year. 7241 July 2 1941. That was around WWll and the first women military in north america. But that's how I found out how that kind of work. But I could be wrong. Not so much in paper money like I'm into coins. Is this worth keeping or something other. What would be your thoughts on this. Thanks
  4. Hello. We were having some issues with our servers for a couple of days but I do show that is now showing up on the certification lookup. Thank you!
  5. Thank you for the feedback, Revenant. We do currently award set winners with icons. There is a programming issue right now where not all ribbons are displaying. We will your comments about certificates to our senior PMG award team.
  6. hallo please help why i cant verivy my PMG?? Thanks
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  8. We are experiencing a technical issue on our server which means there is interruption in some website functionality such as submission/invoice tracking, certification verification and the processing of registry entries. We are working on the problem and hope to have a resolution soon.We apologize for this inconvenience.
  9. Hello. Thanks for your message. We can list a changeover pair but you would just need to notate it on your submission form that you would like that noted. Thanks!
  10. Hello, thanks for your message. No, this would not qualify as a fancy serial number. If there was another 0 on the end of the number then it would qualify but without that it does not. The condition of the note will be reflected in the final grade. Thank you!
  11. I would like to submit a consecutive banknote with two different digital watermarks. I would like to know if such banknotes can be rated as 'changeover pairs' or 'error notes'. If yes, what should I write in the form. Please find attached a photo of the banknote.
  12. Is this a fancy serial number and is the condition ok?
  13. Leading Diagonal free forex signals presents special offer open trading account with one of the best forex brokers and GET FREE forex Signals via SMS, Email and WhatsApp SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL To Access FREE Forex Signals in the Members Area START FREE 30 DAYS TRIAL on When diagonal triangles occur in the wave 5 or C position, they take the 3-3-3-3-3 shape that Elliott described. However, it has recently come to light that a variation on this pattern occasionally appears in the wave 1 position of impulses and in the wave A position of zigzags. The characteristic overlapping of waves 1 and 4 and the convergence of boundary lines into a wedge shape remain as in the ending diagonal triangle. However, the subdivisions are different, tracing out a 5-3-5-3-5 pattern. The structure of this formation (see Figure 1-20) fits the spirit of the Wave Principle in that the five-wave subdivisions in the direction of the larger trend communicate a "continuation" message as opposed to the "termination" implication of the three-wave subdivisions in the ending diagonal. Analysts must be aware of this pattern to avoid mistaking it for a far more common development, a series of first and second waves. The main key to recognizing this pattern is the decided slowing of price change in the fifth subwave relative to the third. By contrast, in developing first and second waves, short term speed typically increases, and breadth (i.e., the number of stocks or subindexes participating) often expands. Figure 1-21 shows a real life example of a leading diagonal triangle. This pattern was not originally discovered by R.N. Elliott but has appeared enough times and over a long enough period that we are convinced of its validity.
  14. Has PMG considered following suit with NGC and giving award icons and PDF certificates to the winner of each category? Are there just too many categories on the PMG side that are "non-competitive" for lack of a better phrase for that to be worth it? I'm wondering because I'd always assumed this wasn't done here because of the lower level of participation on this side of the aisle but you cited increased participation as the reason for increasing the number of major awards this year.
  15. Hello Dana, The cut off date to request new slots or score corrections was November 6th at 10:30 am. PMG Registry awards cut off is December 6th at 10am. For more information on the PMG Registry awards, please click here. Thank you.
  16. With something like that I think your market will be limited. The face value alone (500 euro) makes them expensive and that will thin the heard of collectors right away.
  17. ddr70

    A Keene National

    And from StacksBowers Baltimore auction, I picked up another note. This one is a Keene, NH The Cheshire NB Ch. # (N)559 $5 Date Back Fr. 590 in PMG30.
  18. Hello. Thanks for your message. No, unfortunately, PMG does not offer any sort of note restoration or conservation services at this time. Thanks!
  19. Customers can request certain things, such as the name of a personal collection, to be added to the label for an additional fee. In this case, it looks like the original submitter had that added to all of their notes for this order. It looks like this was graded back in 2009. Thanks!
  20. Hi, does PMG offer a Restoration service for notes? Thanks David
  21. Thanks for the reply! I'm fairly new to all of this - could you elaborate on "special pedigree" for me? I don't mind it being there, seems pretty unique to me. Is there any way to tell when this note was originally graded?
  22. Hello, thanks for your message. It looks like this was a special pedigree requested by the submitter back when it was originally sent in for grading. If you would like to send the note back to us for a reholder, we an remove the pedigree for you, if you wish. Reholders are $10 per note. Thank you!
  23. I wanting to know if they are worth anything also they do not have in God we trust on them
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