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In the last updated of on May 10th its shows the new runs of Two Dollars Notes from the Fort Worth Facility an listed as Fr #1940, to complete the set of notes for all 12 Federal Reserve Districts, the runs cover the first A/A, C/A, D/A, G/A, H/A, I/A, J/A with one runs each of 6,400,000 in each run. The order notes with two runs were the E/A with a total run of 12,800,000 and L/A with a run of 5,120,000 and the B/A with a large run of 57,600,000 the other run were the F/A  with a run of 3,200,000 and K/A with four runs of 38,400,000 in this run, this complete this runs of twos. The New York B star with a run of 3,200,000 to complete this series of notes, the F and L stars with a run of 3,200,000 to complete this series of notes, the F and L stars are printed and in the set. This complete this set of block runs, to see if BEP will run the stars notes to match all the runs. All the runs were completed in July of 2016, the notes were held and were sent out over the last six month of 2016 and first half of 2017. The stars notes that were issue are B star New York with one run of 3,200,000 the next were the F star Atlanta with one run of 640,000 notes an should be listed as RARE and the last are the L star with two runs of 4,400,000. At this time in May of 2017  it's look like all the notes have been printed, the only note listed in the set is the I/A but no note have been found or listed fore sale by the currency dealer.

I have the following notes in PMG for grading Fr #1940-A, C and D. I have not found or located any Fr #1940-I at this time. 

You can see the updated set listed as - STEVE R COLLECTION - $2 DOLLARS 2013 SERIES with STARS

file 3427.JPG

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