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Rec'd at PMG, the wait begins.



I just sent a good chunk of my NBNs to PMG to grade.  The post office sure took it's time, but got my package there in 8 days instead of 4.  PMG listed as received about a week after it arrived in Sarasota.  

Here's one of the notes awaiting scrutiny.  I can't wait to add it to one of my series of 1882 collections here.  Connellsville, PA The First NB (E)2329 Radar Treasury SN on a $10 1882 VB Fr. 576 Tillman | Morgan SN 9076/T493394 pp F/118.  Love that SN especially on an early value back.

Chartered 4/8/1876, Liquidated 6/22/1928.  Assumed circulation of 4861, Yough NB of Connellsville which liquidated in 3/3/1913.  Bank officers' signatures are from (Geo W.) Stauffer, Cashier and E.T. Norton stamped in blue ink and remain legible, albeit light, to this day.  For 52 years, 3x10-20 sheets only and only a 193 of them VBs (SN 9001-9193).  Finding the $20 VB to go along with my $10 would be an awesome score!

1882 $10 VB Fr. 576 Connellsville, PA The First NB Ch. # (E)2329_F_Obv.jpg



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I definitely will post the note in its new holder.  It will be like Christmas Day/BDay/Return from Overseas assignment Day combined when my notes arrive home safely!  I'd be OK with a F15 grade.  Not going to be a lot of points, but it would be hard to beat all the things this note has going for it.  The folks in Western PA got a lot of use out this $10.  I was a bit reluctant to give my grade, but I'm comforted by the fact that no one from PMG seems to read these journals--and I kinda trust their grading process.

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Another week down; notes still stuck in Received.  Here's one of my small size NBNs waiting to be graded.

Nat'l $20 1929 Ty. 1 Atlanta, GA The First NB Ch. # 1559_REPLACEMENT_F_Obv.png

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