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A Keene National



I recently added this note, Keene, NH The Citizens NB Ch. # 2299 PMG 25 Net, $10 1875 Fr. 416 Allison | New SN 2690/K296099 pp A. dtd. Sept. 25th, 1875, from the Sept. 2019 Long Beach Expo.  It was Net grade for a repair and minor discoloration. It features a fancy title layout seen on few First Charter examples from all banks combined.  It's a great looking addition [however, not so great for points :-( ] to my type set of 1875 (see:  https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/SetGallery.aspx?PeopleSetID=23251&SelectedTab=Gallery) and I've made it the first note in my signature set of "Citizens" National Banks (see:  https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/ViewPersonalCollection.aspx?UserCollectionID=1289&Tab=list).  It became a post auction buy after my desired California red seal #1 went for about $24k or twice low estimate.  Looking forward to seeing other sets with their recent additions!



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And from StacksBowers Baltimore auction, I picked up another note.  This one is a Keene, NH The Cheshire NB Ch. # (N)559 $5 Date Back Fr. 590 in PMG30.

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