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Back plate numbers shouldn't be reused and t's should be crossed



Marietta, OH The Central NB Ch. # 5212 VF+ $10 1902 PB Fr. 632 SN 27286 pp D/992 May 29, 1919. A number of Second Charter notes survive bearing the bank's original German NB title. The title was changed due to World War I with the second title "The Central NB" found on Third Charter notes and those notes are somewhat tough to find with prices reflecting this fact. This pristine Very Fine example has wide margins and nice embossing.

Philadelphia, PA The Quaker City NB Ch. # 4050 Fine $10 1902 PB Fr. 626 SN 124088 pp I/992 May 30, 1909.  This $10 from the City of Brotherly Love is not too common a find.

Notice that these two notes are both $10 plain backs and have the same back plate (bp) number of 992.  That shouldn't garner much interest except the plates that made these two backs are different!  Check out the insert of the two back plate numbers and it's fairly easy to see that the engraver(s) made these numbers differently.  I thought once a bp number was used, it would not be reused on another plate.  Am I wrong in that assumption?  I've illustrated that the bp number has a different position and style.  The different styles and positions are much more easily seen with a loop.  Sorry, I don't have a scope to take better pictures.  I also have heard that experts could distinguish different engravers by how they cut the designs (I think that was best done by examining plates). I look, but can see no differences in design elements. 

The other oddity I notice on the front of the Marietta note is that the t's are not crossed in the scrpit version of 'Marietta, OHIO'.  This is on Marietta's D plate, but is true of $5s and other $10 plates, either with Lyons | Roberts signatures OR Teehee | Burke signatures (see Heritage's archives).  Now I have to get into charter dates for Marietta 5212 because this gets interesting (to me anyway :-).  Lyons | Roberts notes are dated Sept. 17, 1909 and the t in Sept. is also NOT crossed!  So, from 2d charter date of May 29, 1899, the name change (Value Backs dated Feb. 21, 1918 [sporting a scarce Friedberg number] and then PBs dated Sept. 17, 1909) and the required start of their new charter at the 20 year mark (May 29, 1899), the t's were not crossed.  I see the Citizen's NB of Marietta, Ch. # 4164 also doesn't have t's crossed.  I'm saddened to report that Marietta, PA, Ch. # 25, also didn't get its t's crossed.

So, who's t's are crossed?

The First NB of Marietta, Ch. 142, the earliest of 5 banks calling Marietta, OH home, whose 3rd charter started Feb. 25, 1903 and notes issued with Lyons | Roberts signatures, have the t's crossed.  Note, the 'i' are dotted in all cases.  

My conclusion is that clearly some bp numbers were reused AND there were engravers who would dot the i's, but not necessarily cross the t's!

BP Comparison Marietta.jpg

BP Comparison Philly.jpg

BP Comparison 902s.jpg



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