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Ch # 6301

Sheik Sheck


Friday art time. The Mellon signatures continue to intrigue. 




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The $10 is A2 radar 84348, so A284348.  Statistically, I find that too often in the pool of notes that survived, just to annoy me no doubt :-).  

Is that a K4 Plate on the PB $5?  Good to see your posts again!

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Indeed that is a K4 plate. The red seals are all C plates and I don't know why the 2 blue seals are coincidentally K plates. I am real confused because I saw a date back, blue seal $10 note but the signatures were that of the red seal notes. And all have the same date on them. Why are blue seals from 1902 have two different signature combo's? This bank always surprises me.

Ch_6301_$10_Date Back.jpg

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