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Is this an error or a mule on a National?  My Salem, OH FNB Ch. # (M)43 Fr. 650 Lyons | Roberts SN 5227/V967961B pp A/315 PMG 30EPQ beautiful signatures by Cashier Church and Pres. Pow dated Apr 11, 1902.  Much more common with Speelman | White signatures as a plain back.  The back plate is 315.  Notes from this bank dated Apr 10, 1922 carry the Speelman | White signatures and $20s have known back plate numbers of 722 and 1018 (see below)

Fr. 661 SN 1481/Y322423E pp A/722
Fr. 661 SN 5147/Z451299H pp A bp not listed in census
Fr. 650 SN 5227/V967961B pp A/315
Fr. 661 SN 8430 pp A/1018

Since all the $20 examples are from the A plate, and $10s are from an A or C plate, I suspect sheets of 3 $10s and 1 $20 were ordered (see Heritage's Auction archives).  The low back plate number (315) is probably meaningless.  The bank SN of 5227 comes between 5147 and 8430, so I suspect the old plate with Lyons | Roberts signatures used for date backs was mistakenly placed back into service as more plain backs were printed.  Since I don't have access to a current National Bank Note Census, I don't know if there are any other plain backs known for Ch. 43 with Lyons | Roberts signatures.

You should be able to see my set of OH nationals here:  https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/MySets_Listing.aspx?PeopleSetID=16150&SelectedTab=SetListing

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Disney sets need more collectors

There are 18 Disney dollar competitive sets, only 3 of which are in use for a total of 25 registered sets.  For Large Size National Bank Notes there are 6 competitive sets, all are used for a total of 176 registered sets.  For Small Size National Bank Notes, there are two competitive sets, both are used with a total of 141 registered sets.  Can't NBN collectors get as many competitive sets as the Disney dollar collector?  Or at least a few type sets like the Wavin' Mickey or Proud Goofy?  Disney


ddr70 in Nationals

Reconvening the 252 club

Last journal entry was about my two submissions sent the end of July.  The Economy submission I've rec'd and have been posting notes to my various sets.  The bulk submission is still sitting in Sarasota since August 3rd.  It has my $5 Series of 1902 Plain Back on Pittsburgh, PA The First NB at Ch. # 252 (along with 49 other notes :-(.  I added this small size NBN on 252 yesterday.  Great SN (D060000A) and a small size replacement note to boot!  Signatures are those of long-serving cashier C.C. T


ddr70 in Nationals